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Hello! I’d just like to ask if OnePlus 6T (or any OnePlus device) will be compatible with the LTE bands of Globe? I was planning to buy one but I’m not sure yet if it’s safe to use it here in the… (Show more)
in Mobile Phones
My Phone HWAWEI NOVA2i was stolen yesterday @ EVER GOTESCO MALL COMMONWEALTH. Kindly blocked the IMEI’s so it will be no longer useful to anybody IMEI1: 866222033868897 / IMEI2: 866222033888903.  … (Show more)
in Mobile Phones
I have a plan Globe celphone.  I want to change my number as it is obviously a recycled Number.  I often receive messages and call addressed to someone else but I was told that I have to pay an admin… (Show more)
in Mobile Phones
is nova 3i out of stock or it has been pulled out? i cant see it in the globe store anymore..
in Mobile Phones
need to know how to re-connect network. it says sim mm#2
in Mobile Phones
i can't activate my phone using my globe sim i check my carrier it's globe but why i can't activate my iphone?
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I am not sure where I lost my phone, but when I tried calling it yesterday, it rang the first time then it was unreachable after the second try.
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Sobrang lag ung internet nio... Ndi aq maka pag laro ng mobile legend ng maayos.. Laging 300ms ung ping ko..
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