Summer isn't all about travel. It’s also the perfect time to catch up on movies. The month of May even features the year’s biggest blockbusters. So what if you have to stay in the city? One trip to the nearest mall and you can share an adventure with your favorite on-screen characters.


Here are some of the movies you shouldn't miss this summer:


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (in theaters April 30th)



The sequel for this popular franchise sees Peter Parker juggling the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. The film promises more swinging between skyscrapers, heroic saves, and romantic dates with Gwen Stacy. This time, though, Spider-Man has to protect New York from a handful of villains like Electro and OsCorp.

Dallas Buyers Club (in theaters May 7th)


The film that made Oscar winners of Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto is showing in the Philippines! In Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey plays electrician Ron Woodroof who goes head-to-head with the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies while dealing with an HIV-positive diagnosis.


Godzilla (in theaters May 15th)


The world’s most famous monster is back on the big screen this year. It’s been over a decade since we saw this horror terrorize the world. With advancements in special effects and 3D film technology, this film is sure to be the biggest action film of the year. If there’s one film to catch in 3D, this is the one!


X-Men: Days of Future Past (in theaters May 21st)


This year’s epic superhero crossover features mutants meeting their former and future selves to save the world. In this film, we’ll get to see the cast of the original X-Men trilogy join forces with the cast of X-Men: First Class in a cinematic adventure that’s sure to be exciting and epic.

Maleficent (in theaters May 28th)


One of Disney’s most iconic villains portrayed on screen by Angelina Jolie? It’s definitely a must-see movie! This year’s Maleficent tells her character beginnings from a character pure of heart to a villain as cold as stone.


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Which wonderful new film are you looking forward to see this summer? Feel free to share (spoiler-free, please ) by replying on this thread.

Article by nikkif