We're halfway through the month of February. How's it hanging so far?


You know the drill! It's time for you to share the songs you're currently listening to with #GlobeCommunity in the comments section below. You can even share your own playlists so everyone can follow along. Come on, don't be shy! Go ahead and post the links to your life's theme song or a playlist that makes you dance like no one's watching! We all wanna hear it, too! Screenshots of your Spotify Player are very much welcomed.


Here in Globe Community, we want to make sure you're updated with the up and coming artists every week (or if not, make that every other week). *wink wink* So with that being said, here's the Top Ten (10) Most Streamed Tracks of the Week on #GlobeSpotify for those of you who don't want to miss out on what's trending.


In case you missed it, there are new entries at our #GlobeSpotify Top 10 this week! @zaynmalik takes the 5th spot while @troyesivan takes no. 9. What's your most listened song among the 10? Be updated with the top music hits weekly! Text SP129 to 8888 for 30 days Premium access.

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Want to help others to discover new music? Share your Spotify Playlist in the comments below.