You might have noticed the Genius Behind the Lyrics feature on Spotify lately. Pretty neat new feature if you ask me. Ever hear a song and wonder what it means? What inspired its lyrics? Why the artist chose to work with certain collaborators, and what they were doing in the studio when they recorded it?


It’s this kind of curiosity that drove Spotify to team up with Genius, the world’s largest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge, giving you a chance to more deeply connect with the artists and songs you love.


What is Behind the Lyrics?


Spotify have introduced brand new playlists, Behind the Lyrics (Hip Hop), followed by Behind the Lyrics (Hits). These playlists, curated by Spotify and Genius, will allow you to go Behind the Lyrics of your favorite tunes.


Tracks on these playlists will include lyrical excerpts, fun facts, annotations, and stories straight from the artists and from the Genius community, all of which are frequently updated. Simply hit ‘Play’ on this Genius-powered playlist to learn more about your favorite artists and songs.

Spotify_Genius_Behind the Lyrics.PNG

How do I try it out?


Open the Behind the Lyrics (Hip Hop) playlist on your iPhone and the experience will start automatically when you play a song. Not into Hip Hop that much? Spotify have pushed additional sets in collaboration with their launch artists Tinashe, Pusha T and Diplo where they have been directly involved in telling the story behind their music. And Spotify have more lined up!


Want to know more?


Be sure to check out the Blog Post and the Genius FAQ! Take note that this feature is available to Spotify iPhone users excluding the iPhone 4/s.


Have you tried the Behind the Lyrics feature on Spotify? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.