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If you watched the trailer, you’re probably thinking “Nope.” And I get it! I was just forced to watch this because it’s my job. We even had to pick sticks because no one wanted to watch it! Clearly, I got the smallest stick.

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But you know that famous line “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well, let me tell you: Don’t judge a movie by it’s trailer. (Well... I can only really say that about this one. I mean Gods of Egypt’s though. Well, just don’t judge this move by it’s 90’s-voice-over-guy trailer.) I entered the movie house expecting the worst. The opening credits rolled, and a feel good song by Meghan Trainor called “Mom” started to play. And for the short moment the song played, I let my heart hope that this movie could be something better than what I expected.


The ending credits rolled and the lights in the movie house turned on and I was surprised to find my heart wasn’t broken! It was poked a bit - which caused me to tear up - and it was tickled, but it was definitely not broken. TBH, I actually liked the movie...

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Bringing together Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts along with Jason Sudekis, “Mother’s Day” is simply what it is - clean, funny, and a chill escape from the critical world of film. Those who indulge in 'chick flick' big screeners Aniston, Hudson, and Roberts would understand and maybe even enjoy the film. It is fun and funny with a family feel!


Mom’s Story


Divorced mother of two and interior designer Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) tries to be strong after finding out her ex-husband (Timothy Olyphant) has eloped with a Pretty Little Liar (Shay Mitchel) in young and caring Tina.

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Sandy audibly argues with herself within earshot of others including widower Bradley (Jason Sudeikis), a random clown, and star of home shopping network, Miranda Collins (Julia Roberts).

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Miranda could be related to someone else in the movie, but unfortunately, you will not find any clues in her wig - which is not related to anything in the movie.


Britt Robertson plays a new mom who can’t seem to commit to marry British baby daddy Zack (Jack Whitehall) because of her own mommy issues. Zack will remind you of young Hugh Grant - could be the accent or the fact that he’s a struggling standup comic.


The Verdict


Could it be better? Sure! But it’s not like this movie is “The Matrix” or “Inception,” or “The Big Short." Mother’s day is for all kinds of mothers - unless your mother’s got no chill and would want a film she should critic or a film that has action and abs. (In that case take her out to watch Captain America: Civil War!)


This film however, is meant to be fun and light with fluff and butterflies! The jokes here are funny, sometimes racist, but mostly funny. And there will also be tear-jerking scenes!


This is for the career mom, the single mom, the dad mom, and the young mom. Whatever kind of mom you are, you’ll understand and relate with this at some level. And if you are a child, you can catch a lesson or two about moms from this film.


This big-hearted comedy invites us all to enjoy the laughter, tears and love as three generations come together in the week leading up to Mother¹s Day.


7/10 Stars for it’s kind.


Mother’s Day will be in theatres today! Distributed by Octoarts Films International, this Comedy Drama is rated PG-13. Get your tickets NOW with GMovies!