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For Orcs, there is no other way but war!


We’ve seen a lot of film adaptations of really great video games, and sadly, we are yet to be impressed. But with the release of Warcraft: The Beginning, our curiosity and excitement was raised to an all time high. We have high expectations and we’re sure that hardcore fans feel the same.


Director Duncan Jones leads the not-too-well-known cast members - Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell, and Dominic Cooper -  into the battle between the Human and Orc race. Blizzard’s Warcraft is considered a gem among generations of gamers, and has a decent cult following. Bash it, and you’ll never hear the end of that conversation.


For The Horde


Draenor is on the brink of destruction, the Orc race now sought to find another world to inhabit. Leading the invasion is the Orc warlock and leader of the Shadow Council, Gul’dan, who uses fel magic (you can consider it to be black magic) to gain power and pull the strings of the Orc horde. Meanwhile, chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, Durotan, wants to seek help from the humans, as he believes that it is fel magic that brought destruction to their homeworld. Now it will also destroy the new one they seek.


Fearing for the safety of their home, King Llane along with his loyal commander Anduin Lothar, unite their forces to stop the invading orcs.

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Your reaction when they bash the Warcraft franchise.


Living Up To The Warcraft Name


Warcraft is considered to be one of pinnacles of the gaming industry. It has been part of the lives of countless gamers and fans out there and is considered to be a classic. The game will always be a classic, the movie? Not so much. Warcraft: The Beginning is a scattered mess in terms of writing and build-up. It wasn’t the worst video-game-turned-movie, but what disappointed us, is that it would have been really great.

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The sleepless nights, spending 8 hours inside your room? Ahhh memories.


The whole idea of a live-action adaptation of the game is a sight to behold, but the script ruined it for us. There were too many story arcs going everywhere, it couldn’t focus on the main point of the story. Imagine playing the game, but with too many side quests? It gets distracting for a while.

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That’s a good thing!


We’ll give it one good factor though, the animation was amazing! If you want to see a fresh recreation of the game, then you will love the movie. The animation was so good, that the orcs looked more real than the humans! Damn!


The Verdict


Warcraft: The Beginning could have been a promising creation, but it was sidetracked by too many ideas. It didn’t leave a good mark in our brains, but it left an amazing view in our eyes. So, we give Warcraft: The Beginning 2 out of 5 Movie Stars!


P.S We’ll be expecting more in the sequel. We haven’t lost hope yet! For the horde!




Warcraft: The Beginning is Rated R-13 and is distributed by Universal Pictures. Don’t miss the orc invasion and book your tickets now with GMovies!