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“Somewhere out there, I have a family, and I need to find them.” - Dory


Finding Nemo first premiered in May 2003. It’s been 13 years (AKA Forever) since our fishy friends have touched the deepest parts of our hearts. But this year, Director Andrew Stanton still knows how to give the feels with Finding Nemo’s much awaited sequel - Finding Dory!


Returning as the forgetful, but sweet Dory, Ellen DeGeneres uses her charismatic and gleeful voice to bring life and soul, to one of the most memorable Disney characters of all time. Let’s shine that spotlight and dive into the deep blue world of Disney and Pixar’s latest pearl.


She Just Kept Swimming


A year after the events in Finding Nemo, Dory (DeGeneres) finds herself remembering small bits of her childhood memory. Recalling that she was once had a family, Dory along with Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and his overly cautious dad, Marlin (Albert Brooks), travel the vast ocean in search of Dory’s parents. Along the way they meet other ocean creatures who guide them in their search - Destiny the Whale Shark (Kaitlin Olson), Bailey The Beluga Whale (Ty Burell), and Hank, a grumpy octopus (Ed O’Neill).


The Moments We Will Never Forget


We won’t specify because they’re too many and it’ll spoil you!


Finding Dory brings back the childhood nostalgia of it’s predecessor, and while it may not have the same measure of emotion, it’ll still hit your heart strings. Pixar and Disney have made animation an art form, bringing to life characters that the audience can relate to. You’ll relate to Dory’s struggle of emotions, as she fights her own forgetful mind in bringing back her precious family.


Even adults will have an affinity for the movie, specifically on Marlin’s point of view. Every parent has had that overprotective phase, a normal stage of parenthood. No one wants their child in harms way, and at the same time, parents want their child to grow as an individual, to discover things (and the ocean) independently.


Yep, every parent has gone through this. Some are just about to go through it, while others are still stuck in it.


Lastly, the new environment in the film was well thought out, and it’ll surely re-awaken the imagination of those who are curious about ocean life. Kudos to the animators, you guys did your homework. We forgive you for making us wait 13 years, it was worth it!


We felt so squishy while watching the movie. The feels are just too much!


The Verdict


Finding Dory is a heartfelt creation that will bathe your heart in positive vibes, as Dory always said, whenever you feel down - Just keep swimming! With that, we gladly give the movie 4 out 5 movie stars!


Finding Dory premieres in cinemas on June 16. The film is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and is Rated G. Join the Dory, Marlin, and Nemo on their quest into the vast blue seas and book your tickets NOW with GMovies!BOOKBUTTON.jpg

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