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“After everything we’ve seen there isn’t much that rattles either of us anymore. But this one... this one still haunts me.” - Lorraine Warren


We’ve been unimpressed with the recent horror movies coming out these days. For some reason, there’s always been a compromise either with production, storyline, or script. Normally, you’d know in the first ten minutes if it’s worth continuing.


Last night, we watched the midnight screening of The Conjuring 2, and We. Were. Horrified! Following Insidious 1 and 2 (was there a third one? We wish there wasn’t. Watch it if you like comedy.) to The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, we can definitely say that horror films have found a savior in Director James Wan. The young director has proven himself by re-creating, if not, surpassing, the nightmares that we had after watching the first Conjuring. Now, with his sequel - the nightmares have become night terrors.


Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as husband-and-wife demonologists, Lorraine and Ed Warren. (And can we just say, they are the perfect couple for the James Wan films.) They’ve had numerous encounters with the paranormal, but none will ever be up to par with the Enfield Poltergeist. Let’s take a peek (if you dare!) at the true horror story that shook the city of London and the world.

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The Warrens return for another battle against the supernatural.


Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Only Based On A True Story.


In 1977, Perry Hodgson (Frances O’Connor), a single mother, and her four children - Billy (Benjamin Haigh), Johnny (Patrick McAuley), Margaret (Lauren Esposito), and Janet (Madison Wolfe) - start experiencing supernatural occurrences in their little home in Enfield, London. With the paranormal activities getting even worse, demonologists Ed (Wilson) and Lorraine (Farmiga) Warren, are sent by their church to fly to England to battle the dark forces that plague the Hodgson household. This historical record is known as the most notorious case of poltergeist activity in London.


Horror Cliches Done Right


Director James Wan continues to master the horror genre with this second installment. Unlike the first, which is popularly recalled for the hand clap game, this second one plays no games, and goes straight to the scary stuff. It is both the similarities and the differences of The Conjuring 2 and it’s predecessor that makes the film work. Although there’s no first time dread and chill like it’s prequel, it was the mystery and storyline that scared the bejeezus out of us. Wan’s use of eerie cinematography is superb! The bland color and the camera swings gave this film an old-school horror movie vibe, while the soundtrack and editing made it all seem so possible to happen at your own living room.

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Don’t. Ever. Turn. Off. The. Lights


Another treat in this bag of goodies of a movie is the acting. It wasn’t “OA.” The acting won (or shall we say Wan?) because Wan chose simple and real, over elaborate and broadway. Everything was done just right. The cinematography and the acting went hand in hand, if either one lagged behind, the movie would have collapsed.


If there’s something big screen horror lovers look forward to, it’s the jump scares! Who doesn’t love a good scare, right? Most movies are weak because the music and build up are common and predictable, but The Conjuring 2 mixes things up by combining every film element needed to make it work. Background music, cinematography, sequence =  perfect jump scare. All you need is a movie house full of people!!

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You weren’t ready.


The Verdict


The Conjuring 2 is a horror masterpiece because it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. If you feel antsy, paranoid, or dread after watching the movie, remember - that’s a good thing! For giving us a sleepless night, we give this film 4 out of 5 movie stars!


The Conjuring 2 is rated R and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Give yourself a good scare and book your tickets now with GMovies!