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“That’s definitely bigger than the last one.”


But is it better than the last one? You can’t really beat the original, but Independence Day: Resurgence still brings in a few “oh-my-god-it’s-happening” reactions from viewers in the cinema. Director Roland Emmerich returns to lead a new slew of stars - Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monroe, and Jessie Usher - that will kick alien bum once again!

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“Out with the old, in with the new” isn’t a phrase Emmerich is familiar with as he brings back original cast members Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum. Let’s see if the movie won the battle with the critics - spotlight please!


Back With A Vengeance

Earth’s countries have finally united 20 years after the first invasion. By using the advanced technology that was left behind from the alien wreckage, they’ve upgraded their defense systems, and prepared for the worst. But amidst the peace, an old enemy has returned, and this time - they want to finish what they started.


President Whitmore (Pullman) and  David Levinson (Goldblum) return to action, to once again save the planet from the alien terror.

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Pullman and Goldblum brings back the 90’s.


Sequel Sickness


Liam Hemwsorth plays the “rebel with a cause” character - Jake Morrison.


We’ll put it frankly and say that the first movie was a bit more polished in terms of writing, and because Will Smith was there! But Independence Day: Resurgence doesn’t come short in action and suspense! The movie has really evolved in cinematography, since the technology nowadays can do more,but it still has the same smart-ass vibe thanks to Jeff Goldblum’s macabre 90’s humor. Guys listen to Jeff Goldblum, the guy knows what he’s doing.


The Verdict


Yes, the first invasion still wins, but Independence Day: Resurgence still brings out the aahhhh in action! So, that being said we give this movie 3 out of 5 movie stars!


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