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A normal man wouldn’t have abs that look like it was sculpted by Zeus himself. Director David Yates made the perfect choice with Alexander Skarsgard playing the King of The Apes - Tarzan, and Margot Robbie as the tough southern belle - Jane Porter! Yes, she’s not british.

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Don’t worry Disney Tarzan, you’ll always be in our hearts.


The Legend of Tarzan oozes macho, adventure, and humor. It’s certainly a leap of evolution from the famous Disney version that’s still etched in our childhood memories. But does its impact compare? Let’s find out. Time to shine that spotlight!


Into The New World


A few years after leaving the lush jungle he once called home, Tarzan embraces his birthright as John “Viscount Greystroke” Clayton III (Skarsgard), and now resides in Victorian Era London. With his wife, Jane Porter (Robbie) by his side, Tarzan has settled in nicely amongst his own people.

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We certainly didn’t mind Margot Robbie as Jane.


After receiving an invite to the Congo Free State, he travels back to his former home, along with Jane and his acquaintance Dr. George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), as an emissary of trade. Unbeknownst to him, this invite is a plot of greed and revenge orchestrated by corrupt belgian official, Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz).


CGI (Cranky Gorilla Imagery), Accuracy and….. muscles.


For the record though, they’re not really gorillas, but the CGI on them was amazing! The great apes of The Legend of Tarzan were literally great to watch. We never thought we’d see a live-action version of Tarzan that was updated like this. It’s lightyears of evolution from any of the previous movies.


The movie was pretty accurate with how the novel worked. From the characters to the storyline, Legend of Tarzan’s cast and crew really did their homework on Edgar Rice Burrough’s fine piece of work. Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan was perfection. If you read the novel, his physical attributes are a perfect match for the character, of course Margot Robbie was also eye-candy on the big screen, but she backs it up as an amazing actress.


The Verdict


We loved the movie for its entertainment value, which was giving the Tarzan persona a breath of fresh air, but at the same time still retaining his mysteriousness. For giving us a swinging time, we give The Legend of Tarzan 4 out 5 movie stars!


The Legend of Tarzan is rated PG and was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Enter the doors of the jungle and book your tickets now with GMovies!