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It’s the fifth installment of this megafauna fiasco, and our poor Sid is still #singleforlife. Oh well, at least he still has granny! Ice Age: Collision Course takes us to another wild ride as our mammalian heroes Sid, Manny, and Diego try to save the day once again; but this time it’s on a global scale.


Director Mike Thurmeier helms the directing throne, but returning to the series are veteran voices, John Leguizamo, Ray Romano, and Denis Leary, as the weirdest herd to roam the Pleistocene period. Let’s see if this film will be the cause the extinction of the series, or will it be the saving grace from critical impact… ?


Let’s get started!


Prepare For Impact


While fiercely pursuing his beloved acorn, the mischievous Scrat accidentally launches himself into outer space, where he unknowingly causes a chain of events that will be a threat to the whole planet.


To save the Earth from destruction, Manny (Romano), Sid (Leguizamo), Diego (Leary), and the rest of their extended herd must leave their homes and find a way to stop the biggest threat crashing their way - a giant asteroid!


A Big Surprise


You should brace yourselves for a humorous impact, because Ice Age: Collision Course really shook us with its humor! This movie has to be the funniest and wackiest in the whole franchise. You shouldn’t take this movie seriously because it won’t scramble your brains with a plot twist nor will it give you eye-watering feels; but it will simply just loosen you up and put a smile on your face.


That’s what we adored about this film, it’ll make you feel silly with its wacky yet straightforward plot, and that’s the beauty of it. The characters, especially Sid, can still make us chuckle with their childish humor and silliness (it’s a kids’ movie after all) after all these years. Contrary to its main title, Ice Age and its mammal characters can still warm our hearts with a few laughs after a rough day.


The Verdict


Ice Age: Collision Course is a perfect flick if you’re feeling goofy and you just want to have a good time. For the rather entertaining time we’ve had while watching this, we give this movie 4 out of 5 movie stars!


Ice Age: Collision Course is Rated G and is distributed by 20th Century Fox. Don’t miss the prehistoric quest of our fur-filled heroes and book your tickets now with GMovies!