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The crew of the Enterprise once again take to the stars as they traverse the unknown universe. As they go halfway into their 5 year mission, they are attacked by a formidable enemy of unknown origin, forcing them to abandon their beloved ship after it crash-lands in an unknown planet. With communication unavailable and their resources scarce, the crew must find a way to defeat their mysterious foe on their own! We’re not gonna tell anymore to avoid spoilers.


The Trailers vs The Movie


Official Trailer #1 had everyone furious and freaking out about how different this third film was going to be. Let’s be honest. That first trailer brought many Trekkies to tears, in a bad way. The second official trailer, however, came like the dove with an olive branch that came to Noah after the flood. YES. Redemption. And once again Trekkies around the globe found hope and expectation for the franchise’s third installment, Star Trek Beyond. *cue Star Trek


Our resident Trekkie and our ultimate movie buff, Gary, watched the movie last night and here is what they thought:




Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the movie can be 10x better than what the trailer makes it out to be.


Of Laughter and Bromance


While there are developments in the relationship of Commander Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Lieutenant Uhura (Zoe Saldana), this particular film is held together by the camaraderie and banterful bromance between Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Doctor Bones (Karl Urban), and Commander Spock. The audience is effortlessly brought into inside jokes, they understand what certain eye contact means, and laugh out loud at wordless interaction.


High praise goes to the writing (Simon Pegg and Doug Jung) and direction (Justin Lin) of this blockbuster hit.


Space Combat Scenes


The spaceship battle scenes are undeniably epic! We were always either at the edge of our seats or exhaling the word “wow”, while holding back the urge to stand up in wonder and applause!!


What makes each battle scene so awesome is the story behind it. When the battles happen, you either have no idea what the premise is or you finally understand why what’s going down is going down! In both ways, the element of surprise and gradual building up of revelation about certain characters keeps your heart in a constant state of thrill and anticipation. (We highly recommend you watch this in IMAX or 4D.)


Think “Universe”


Probably JJ Abrams best produced film yet, we see how science plays a crucial role in the action and cinematography of Star Trek Beyond. Well, if you’re going to do a sci fi film, might as well think big! One of the most beautifully executed scenes was a duel between two captains in the environment where gravity was inconsistent and flowing like a current. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Star Trek film without, nebulas, holograms, and teleporting.


The Verdict


Every trekkie will feel satisfied and proud when the film ends. We still can’t wipe the smiles off of our faces. If you aren’t a trekkie, this will surely turn you into one. It’s a film that you will watch more than once in the cinema.


For not compromising in any way, we give this film 5 stars.