It’s a movie for the young and the young at heart. The BFG is Disney and Hollywood directing legend, Steven Spielberg’s, first collaboration. Most of us might remember The BFG as British novelist, Roald Dahl’s, classic creation, but we can all remember (for those who are young at heart) that it was also an animated movie made back in 1989.


Seeing the Big Friendly Giant come to life on the big screen is certainly a magical experience for those who spent their childhood watching the first film. Academy Award winner, Mark Rylance, stars as the smiling giant, so as acting chops go, you won’t be disappointed. The film also marks the big screen debut of child actress, Ruby Barnhill, and what a debut it is!


Let’s take a look at Disney’s magical world of giants, brave little girls, whizpopping, and snozzcumbers.


The Mind Of A Child Is Bigger Than The World


Orphaned ever since she was born, ten-year-old Sophie (Barnhill) has an insatiable thirst for adventure. Her wishes come true as she accidentally meets The Big Friendly Giant (Rylance) on the witching hour. Afraid that Sophie might tell on what she saw, The BFG takes her into his home where the girl discovers a new (and bigger) world that are filled with dreams and other weird things.


An adventure is not without danger as she discovers that the other giants in the dream realm aren’t as friendly as her new friend.


A Big Dreamer With An Even Bigger Heart


That meant three things - Steven Spielberg, Sophie, and the movie itself. Director Spielberg puts his magical mind to work as he molds a world that will fill every child’s mind with wonder and every adult wishing they were kids again. This movie has a lot of heart, which is another impressive addition to Disney’s roster of youthful wonders.


The performances of Mark Rylance and Ruby Barnhill are very compatible. Both characters play outsiders who only want to fit in, and they discover akin spirits with each other. It’s also similar to a grandfather playing with his granddaughter, so that certainly brings a lot of nostalgia to the movie. In terms of animation, we’re talking about Spielberg here, creating a whole new world (pun intended) is his specialty! Almost all of the scenes were shot in the U.K., so Spielberg really squeezed all of the beauty from all the locations, with a little aid of CGI.


The Verdict


The BFG is a must-see for the family. It’s a great weekend movie for the kids, since it also holds some moral lessons in its characters. We would certainly love to see more Spielberg and Disney team-ups, so with that in mind, we’ll give this movie 4 out of 5 movie stars!