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The advent of animal-based animation movies has gone to another level. We first saw the socio-economic, yet light-hearted film, Zootopia, and now we’re up for another look at the world of animals in - The Secret Life Of Pets. The film stars two talented (and underrated) funny men, Louis C.K. and Eric Stonestreet, as Max and Duke respectively. Directors, Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney, create a light-hearted world that the whole family can enjoy.




Max is a spoiled terrier who is living the high-life for pets with his owner, in New York City. He is loved by his owner Katie, whom he shares a very deep bond. But that bond is threatened (hey, even dogs get jealous), when Katie adopts a rowdy, homeless newcomer named Duke. Max and Duke’s rivalry land them in a sketchy situation, as they are chased by a gang of deranged alley cats, which in turn, gets them caught by the pet po-po (or dog-catcher).


Luckily, they cross paths with a cute bunny named, Snowball, and his gang of Flushed Pets. Snowball and his group seek revenge on their owners for throwing them out. Turns out he’s not so cute after all. Now, Max and Duke, must team up, and rattle their way out of this situation to get back home to Katie.


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A furry rivalry unfolds. Kinda’ like the movie Step Brothers.


Not Really Like Zootopia, But Has A Charm Of Its Own


The Secret Life Of Pets harnessed the cute factor naturally occurring in animal-based animated movies. It doesn’t have the deep, morale of Zootopia, but it’s charm lies in the simple lesson that each of its characters give. The movie wildly imagined another side to the world of felines, avians, and canines, after we leave them for a day the school or office. Imaginative would best describe the concept of this film.


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Don’t let the cuddly tail and fluffy demeanor fool you. This bunny’s wild.


As for the writing, most of the scenes are undeniably funny. Especially Kevin Hart’s delivery as the deranged white rabbit, Snowball. Chemistry wise, the cast did a great job with the characters’ interactions with each other. There are a few cliches here and there, but it’s a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so don’t fret. This film deserves your eyes, as it’s a great flick for the whole family on the weekend.


The Verdict


It’s funny, it’s cute, and it has a steady pace, that’s not dragging to the audience. For giving us a healthy dose of laughs at the movie, we reward The Secret Life Of Pets with 4 out of 5 movie stars!


The Secret Life Of Pets is rated G and is distributed by Universal Pictures. Give the kids a flicktreat and book your tickets NOW with GMovies!