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Can you imagine getting stuck inside a zombie-infested train during a zombie apocalypse? You’re in an encased tube of steel on a speeding train with flesh-eating zombies - not a good day my friend. South Korea’s zombie-flick, Train To Busan, encapsulates the claustrophobic feeling that we never want to experience.


Director Yeon Sang-ho utilizes the remarkable skills of hot local talents - Gong-Yoo, Kim Su-an, Jung Yu-mi, and Ma Dong-seok (Don Lee). It’s time to shine the spotlight on South Korea’s very first step into zombie territory. Let’s see if they’re like the slow moving ghouls or the fast, raging runner zombies.


The Dad And The Daughter’s Day Out


Fund Manager, Seok-woo (Gong-Yoo), leads a career-oriented life that ruins his marriage with his wife, leaving their daughter, Su-an, going to-and-from their respective homes. For her birthday, Su-an (Kim Su-an) wishes to spend time with her mother in Busan. To fix his distant relationship with his daughter, Seok-woo accompanies his daughter on a train to Busan.


In a fast-paced turn off events, their innocent trip turns into a chaos as a bio-chemical leak, unleashes a deadly virus, turning victims into raging zombies. As one infected gets inside the train, fellow passengers are quickly turned, adding more danger to the situation. The father-and-daughter duo, along with other fellow survivors, must last the zombie-ridden train ride in order to reach the last green-zoned area - Busan.


Crazy Train


For a first effort, this movie was really good! The intense moments were constructed seamlessly and it had fluctuating moods in most of its scenes. These mood-swings gave the movie a jumpscare vibe without having to resort to too many actual ones. Although, the plot is really simple, the internal features, particularly its pacing, were really well-produced.


Train To Busan isn’t really much for gore since it’s not a big budget movie, but that’s also a good thing because it steers clear from the negatives of too much blood (errr...Evil Dead anyone?) Instead, Director Yeon Sang-ho tries to come up with a few unique scares and he uses the stellar cast who have all won accolades in their local industry. The movie really mixes it up with the good generic traits of the zombie genre and a whole lot of Korean flavor mixed in - suffice to say it had a lot of dramatic scenes as well.


The Verdict


Train To Busan is a crazy rollercoaster ride that will have you gripping your seat. It’s not your typical skull-blasting zombie movie, it’s a zombie movie with a heart, and that’s rare to find. We’ll reward South Korea’s zombie debut with 4 out of 5 movie stars!


Train To Busan is Rated R-13 and is Next Entertainment World. Catch the first trip on the zombie train and book your tickets now with GMovies!