For a silent short film, Paul Soriano's "An Open Door" has the capacity to move one to tears. It's an artistic achievement that shows a glimpse into the life of a Holocaust survivor, who was among the thousands of refugees welcomed by President Manuel L. Quezon at the height of the Second World War.


An Open Door by Paul Soriano


Recently we sat down with Globe Community Superfan zyper95 to talk about what he thinks of the short film.


1. "An Open Door" by Paul Soriano is quite unique among the entries in that it deals with heavy themes such as displacement and nostalgia. What do you think of it as a short film? Do you feel the message was conveyed clearly given the limited running time?

This is one of the country's forgotten history, as an avid fan of history knowing where the story comes from, I can say that the film was able to amplify that our country has made a significant mark in history during World War 2. The only sad part is that only a few knew about this story. If only this has been included during history class we may able to say we have our own Oskar Schindler under our own late President Manuel L. Quezon de Molina. And the plight of our Jewish brothers and sisters during the war.


2. Did the lack of dialogue add to the short film's overall dramatic effect.

A few dialogue could be of some help for those unaware or what the film is trying to signify. But if you are keen to the detail of the film and look closely you will know what that the film is all about and why it is important to our country's history. Some Hebrew symbols or props used in the film you can tell what it is all about if you are a fan of Philippine History. For example when Anita Linda walk down the stairs you will see a portrait of Star of David to an ordinary eye it will just be an ordinary portrait then when she try to turn on the light at the background you will see the Menora or in Hebrew it is known as 7-lamp, which we all know are all symbolic for the people of Israel.


3. The father tried his best to look out for this wife and children, but the short film begins with his family by the roadside almost soaking in the rain. Were you able to relate to the character's plight? Can you share with personal stories of giving your all but in the end it wasn't enough?

It's not merely my personal story but it is about my father's story, when my brother was diagnose of Progeria "accelerated aging diseases" at the age of 3. My father tried to provide all his necessary needs from food and medicine. Doctors already told us that it will not take long since the brain of my brother was already affected by the disease and advice my parents to be ready for anything that could happen. My father did not accept what the doctors told us. My mom went to Quiapo church every Friday doing her novena for my brother while my dad sought every possible doctors that could help us. Eventually, after almost 3 years 7 months before his 7th birthday my brother past away and my father was devastated since he was carrying his name. He tried all the possible things to help my brother the disease defeat us. I can see in my father's eyes that he wanted to cry and since we all knew that he claim his a tough guy he never show us even a drop of tears. After that my father became impel when it comes to our family's health.


4. In the same vein as the story's theme, Globe Community is an invitation to all netizens to join and share their stories about not just Globe products but their hobbies and interests as well. I guess this is our unique perspective on relationship-building with our members and even non-members. Do you feel this is something a telco company should be doing? As a customer is, there value in getting to know your preferred network beyond products and services?

Yes, I am glad that Globe found it's way doing this kind of projects. This only shows that Globe isn't just a telecom company it tries to inspire people to show their talent, creativity, and sometime uplift peoples spirit. Of course, what a better way to know more of your preferred network not just through ads or billboards but to meet real people who works behind the company that makes it great.


5. The Globe Independent Film Festival is our first foray at tapping into the enormous pool of local talent from our young and independent filmmakers. Do you think this initiative will encourage higher quality films not just within the indie scene but also from the mainstream industry as well?

Yes, this will really showcase those hidden talent of our current film makers but also the younger ones who are in film and art school. This is their time to shine to hone their skills with the help of Globe. I hope that Globe will continue this kind of project not only it helps our young film makers but also get some tips and ideas from our current top film makers such as Direk Paul Soriano.


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