In our digital era, Quark Henares' "How to Find Love" showcases the reality of our contemporary dating scene where people swipe either left or right to find their true match. The short film is a lighthearted take on a serious subject, making it stand out among this year's brilliant entries.


How to Find Love by Quark Henares


We sat down with Globe Community Superfan WILLfindways to talk about what he thinks of the rom-com short film.


1. The thing we like most about "How To Find Love" is how it feels so millennial in a way that truly reflects our society searching for true love in the digital landscape. How do you feel about online dating in general? Is this a trend you participate in or do you strongly believe in finding love the old-fashioned way?

I am not so sure if you can really find true love online. It's one thing that you can easily exchange messages, share information over social media with someone you're interested in. It may be a wonderful step towards finding true love but if you want to really find it, I still consider the old-fashioned dating far better where you can get to meet the person over coffee, movie, or dinner, etc. instead of just sending emojis and emoticons over messaging apps. But then again, some say they found true love in hopeless place. Maybe you can really find true love on the internet.


2. What do you think of the short film in terms of artistic direction, production value, etc.?

I like how Henares was able to incorporate all those social media apps in various parts of the film. The film is really a wonderful portrayal of how people use social media to interact nowadays.


3. A significant portion of the running time was spent with the characters investigating (aka. stalking) one another on social media. Is this reflective of our contemporary dating culture? Since a lot of Filipinos nowadays are connected through their smartphones, do you think this particular dating habit is pervasive not just in modern youths but among adults as well?

Investigating or stalking a person on the internet is easier these days. If you want to know more about a person, you can easily search them over the internet, on social media. While I may not consider it as pervasive since most of this information is willingly shared over the internet, I guess it's a normal thing to do these days not just for millennials but also for other generations as well. Stalking makes the connection to the other person easier especially if you really want to know more about the person. I think I've been doing that to keep me updated on what's going on in the lives of my friends, families, former office mates, my crush, or if I have an interview and the recruiter failed to provide adequate background info on the interviewer.


4. Globe Community is also a place to find true love - your hobbies, passion and interests. As a SuperFan and long-time member, what made you fall in love with Globe Community? Do you recall if it was love at first sight or a relationship that blossomed over time?

Thank you for this wonderful question. I can't say that it was love at first sight, but I really find Globe Community interesting since I get to interact with creatures online, answer questions, share my words of wisdom and all that. At that time I was relatively new to social media and being part of Globe Community made me realize that there is something good in making connections online, that, in one way or another, you may get to participate in online discussions, share wonderful ideas, and help other creatures in the process.


5.The Globe Independent Film Festival is our first foray at tapping into the enormous pool of local talent from our young and independent filmmakers. Do you think this initiative will promote higher quality films not just within the indie scene but also from the mainstream industry as well?

I think it's a wonderful way to showcase what young and independent filmmakers can offer. It's a long shot but I guess this initiative is a wonderful step towards promoting quality films and a better alternative to what the local film industry are providing these days.


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Will Benedict, also know as WILLfindways, is an IT Business Analyst who currently works as a Business Systems Consultant for an offshore global services unit of one of the "Big Four Banks" in the United States. He loves to cook for his family and friends and enjoys medium rare steaks, seafoods, coffee and cheesecakes.