Warner Bros. is proving that it can still play the game of animation with its newest gem, Storks. Playing on the bedtime legend on how babies are delivered, director Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland deliver (pun intended) the goods with their colourful execution. Lending their voices to the characters are SNL veteran, Andy Samberg, and canadian voice actress, Katie Crown.


The birds are about to take flight, so let’s start our movie spotlight!


Corporate Sell-Out


Long ago Storks used to deliver babies to every family that wished for a new bundle of joy, but all things change. Nowadays, they deliver packages for global online retail giant, Cornerstone. The company’s top delivery stork, Junior, aims to be the new boss one day, and that might all be possible after the head honcho, a stork named Hunter, calls on him for a promotion.


But Junior’s road to the top comes to a screeching halt, as accident-prone Tulip, the only human in Stork Island, accidentally activates the baby factory, and produces a little girl. Now, Junior and Tulip must make haste on delivering the baby to her parents before the boss-man finds out.


An Animated Kids Movie For Adults (Yes, it exists.)


Storks brings a fast-paced humor to the audience, with a touch of the classic Loony Tunes slapstick humor. While it presents generic moral lessons that are friendly towards a younger audience, it also contains comedy that reflects the corporate world of adults. This makes the movie relatable to a wider market. But you can also expect an emotional tug, with its main motif of “family is always home sweet home”.


There are times where the dialogue gets stale with the other cast members, but Andy Samberg, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jordan Peele balanced it nicely with their the comedic prowess. The animation design wasn’t the strongest suit of this movie, but the development of the world itself was interesting. It’s like a Loony version of FedEx or any other big name corporation.


The Verdict


Storks is a fun movie to watch with the family or with friends. If you’re in the corporate world, you might even relate to the struggles of Junior (we know we did.) With that, we’ll grace this movie spotlight with 4 out of 5 movie stars!