You’re sitting snuggly in your chair with popcorn in one hand and the remote in another. You turn on your TV and open Netflix—over a thousand movies and TV series greet you, overwhelming you so much that it instinctively makes you ask the million-dollar question: Where do I start? Well, fret no more. Here, we list down some of Netflix’s hit original series to help you get started:


  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Based on the classic children’s novel series by Daniel Fondler (a.k.a Lemony Snickets), this newest addition in the list of Netflix original series breathes into life the unlucky but somewhat comedic story of the Baudelaire kids and Count Olaf. Following the fire that killed their parents, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are placed in the care of their “distant relative,” Count Olaf. Things take a weird turn–rather dark and quirky–when Count Olaf a.k.a Master of Disguise starts putting on crazy cover-ups to go after the children’s fortune. His different attempts to get the Baudelaire’s money results in a series of unfortunate and crazy adventures.

    If you loved the original novel, then you’ll be thrilled to know that this dramedy doesn’t only mark the story’s comeback, it’s also the return of the original writer himself, Daniel Fondler, as its co-producer. And aside from that, Neil Patrick Harris’ nails the role of Count Olaf. You wouldn’t want to miss his comic attempts!

  2. Santa Clarita Diet
    One of our favorite Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore, hits the small screen for the first time. Giving a fresh, comedic spin to the common zombie genre, Santa Clarita Diet is the show to watch if you want a lighter, funnier take on the staple gory stories about the undead. It shows the story of a real-estate couple, Sheila and Joel, whose lives change when Sheila inexplicably transforms into a zombie after producing a huge amount of vomit. The story continues with the couple’s plot to kill for human meat (they decide to kill only the deserving ones) in order to satisfy Sheila’s cravings.

    This single-camera series by Victor Fresco doesn’t only change the common zombie equation that its predecessors have, it also adds witty punchlines, veteran actors, pop culture references, and funny cameos that bring energy and strength to its overall storyline.

  3. Stranger Things
    Our list will not be complete without the biggest sleeper hit of 2016! The sci-fi web series by the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things, is a must-watch if you’re looking for a nostalgic horror thrill. It follows the mysterious events that haunt the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. The show dives into the disappearance of Will Byers and how it relates to Hawkins National Laboratory’s human test subject, Eleven.

    Aside from the iconic Winona Ryder, the stellar performance of Hollywood newbies Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin will surely impress you. Plus, 80s loving fans will also enjoy the nostalgic, period-accurate mood of the sets, from the wardrobe of the casts to the music in the series. It’s a great #throwback for any day of the week.


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