I don’t know anyone in my life who doesn’t listen to music. The reason may vary from one person to the next, but in general I think it’s safe to say that good music—the kind that makes you want to dance and sing your heart out—is one of life’s greatest yet simple pleasures.


The kind of music you love says a lot about who you are. But did you know music can also help improve your life in drastic ways?


Some of them are:


  1. Music helps you relax
    Personally, this is sort of a given. But yes research shows music can help you relax and de-stress. Don’t listen to just about any music though. For maximum impact, listen to classical music.

  2. Loud music improves your performance
    All that adrenaline produced by rock music is for good reason: it helps improve your performance by making you more persistent and focusing your attention on the rewards.

    Believe it or not but loud music makes you more optimistic about reaching your goals.

  3. Romantic music helps you find love
    Since it’s Valentine’s day, I believe it deserves to be mentioned that, according to this website, women are more likely to share their number to the opposite sex after hearing love songs.

    So do you want to get the attention of your special someone? Put on romantic music first!


These are just some of the ways music can have such a dramatic impact on your life. What’s your favorite type of music and how does it make you feel while listening to it?


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