Time to treat yourself to a hearty meal after all that hard work at the office. Sure there’s plenty of ways to enjoy your Friday night, like seeing a movie or indulging in a relaxing session at the spa. But you know the one habit that everyone has regardless of age, gender, or personality? Enjoying a nice meal outside, whether alone or with friends.


Eating is a much needed break away from stress, especially for us Pinoys. There’s something to be gleaned from the wise words of our parents when they said not to think about the money you spent on that two-piece Chickenjoy meal you had for lunch. I guess the question is, how much are you willing to spend on a Friday night out?


Hide Yamamoto, an upscale restaurant in City of Dreams, Manila, serves a delicious portion of sirloin steak, if I remember correctly, for P17,280. That’s right! It’s P17,280! One could argue you could share it with 2-3 persons at your dinner table. But since the steak is served with wasabi and not rice, then it’s more or less good for one. The meat is so high quality you don’t need a knife to slice through it. Rumor has it the beef melts in your mouth!


We easily assume the price of something is directly proportional to its quality. It’s true in most cases, but not always. Chef Hide Yamamoto is a recipient of 2010’s Global Award so you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth for his dishes. Though not everyone has or is even willing to spend five figures on a single meal. There are other places just as good as Chef Yamamoto’s. You gotta know where to look!


What do you think? Are you suddenly curious about that steak at Yamamoto’s? Or do you still prefer the good ol’ Chickenjoy? Let me know in the comments below.