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I have updated payment in my internet sim. The first month i got it was working.. After i pay 2nd month it start messeng up the connection. I try to call usual its always dont work. What… (Show more)
in Globe Postpaid
I don't recall subscribing to udaily ( but somehow this ended up on the SMS inbox of my Globe Pocket Wifi. And I'm being charged 2.50 for every message I receive. I don't subscribe to… (Show more)
in Globe Postpaid
My data ran out and I have to register to another for another GoSurf to register. The porblem is it didn't came. The last time I did it it came but it took so long. How will I refund it when it… (Show more)
in Globe Postpaid
Hi, gusto ko po kasi palitan ung phone number ng account ko.. Is there a way? Thanks
in Globe Postpaid
My phone from my postpaid plan got stolen and I cannot track it on iCloud.  It was turned off. What can I do?  Is there any other way to track it? Is it possible to get a replacement?
in Globe Postpaid
Globe just changed my mobile postpaid number without my consent or approval. I asked to retrieve the old number but they said it is not possible. Can I bring this issue to court?
in Globe Postpaid
Kindly check my new nanno sim I requested last jul15. This is still not yet activated despite my follow up yesterday.... I need this asap. Ty
in Globe Postpaid
got Q's,   subscribed @ business plan 4499... (1 Static IP)   1. got a static IP (120.28.*.*)           is it a CGNAT? 2. have to port forward some services/server..           what's its ADMIN… (Show more)
in Globe Postpaid
How to fix expired Globe sim? I really need this sim because I use this number to my accounts and it expired because I did not loaded it for 7 months please help me......
in Globe Postpaid
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