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i have a retailer sim i bought from the one who have been a dealer in our locality... im planning to make another retailer sim...   in order for me to save from loading to the dealer i wanted to be… (Show more)
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Subscriber ako ng Prepaid Home Wifi.   sa Globe At Home mobile apps, sa option ng get more data. merong homeSURF15 addon for GoSURF promo.   i tried many times, pero stuck lang sa loading… (Show more)
in GoSakto and Other Promos
Been trying to register but keep getting "Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later. Thank you."   Why???
in GoSakto and Other Promos
I registered to GOSURF15 and the text I got send that I can add 100MB by typing GS ADDSURF 15. I sent it but the reply says I'm not registered to GOSURF15 when in fact I AM registered. I really need… (Show more)
in GoSakto and Other Promos
Hi everyone, I just wanna ask something about GOTSCOMBODD90(a promo that have unli texts and 2gb of mobile internet). I RECENTLY( as in today) registered to GOTSCOMBODD90 and I was just browsing my… (Show more)
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ano dapt kong gawin d ako makaregister sa combo promos? laging failed ang text kpag magreregister ako
in GoSakto and Other Promos
Why i receive this message?:Your unlimited calls to Globe/TM usage has been detected to be above normal terms of use. Succeeding calls to Globe/TM will now be charged to your other call promos, if… (Show more)
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