Don't miss the Sephora Payday Sale for all your beauty and skincare needs! As a Globe customer, you get 10% discount on any item in when you use the promo code GLOBE, or get a limited-edition Sephora tote bag by entering the code GLOTOTE. No minimum purchase required.


To Avail:

1. Visit and sign up or login to your Sephora account on your phone, tablet, or desktop. (Data charges may apply when opening the site if not registered to a surf promo.)

2. To add items in your cart, click on “Add to Cart” for the item you wish to purchase.

3. Enter GLOBE and click on ‘Apply’. The total price will be updated with the discount.

4. Review your order at the Cart Page. Once you are ready to place the order, click on ‘Secure Checkout’.

5. Fill in all necessary details for your shipping details (NO PO BOX), click on ‘Proceed to Purchase’ to choose your preferred payment method.

6. Please review your orders again and total amount before completing the payment.


You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you have placed your order. Your order is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.


This is valid until August 16, 2016. DTI 11829 s16


Happy shopping!