A great way to start a small company is to get the word out on how it’s such an awesome place to work in, where employee satisfaction is extremely high, despite the challenges of being a startup. I was browsing online when I came across these examples of what small companies do to retain their talent. Sharing them here as it might be of help to your business. Who knows, right?


1. A company that incentivizes successful short-term projects

An HR consulting firm in the US encourages employees to pursue short-term yet relevant projects by giving them tangible financial rewards. Incentives range from “call outs” for $25 to “Scream It!” rewards for $200.


2. about where employees could wear shorts

In a certain software development firm, employees are allowed to wear t-shirts and shorts to work and play video games and ride scooters around the office. Wouldn’t you want to work in such a fun environment too?


3. ...or get the latest gadgets for free

How much do employees of large companies spend on the latest devices and gadgets? On the other hand a US consulting firm hands out $400 to employees every year so they could afford the latest iPhone. After a year in the company, employees are also allowed one month paid time off vacation to boot.


4. ...maybe let employees pursue their own projects during office hours?

Similar to Google, a software development firm based in the US believes that employees are most productive when they’re allowed to pursue their own interest projects during 20% of the time they are in the office. Did you know that Gmail was developed in this fashion?


5. ...or host happy hours!

Employees in a certain video game company get to enjoy video game breaks, massage therapies, and happy hours. Yes, you read that right. Happy hour. Enough said.


For small businesses, the correct way to begin is in happy and satisfied employees. That’s how you make it from being a small startup to a large and thriving family business.