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Being a morning person can be challenging for some of us. But it doesn't mean you can't be one if you really put your mind into it. According to an article on, successful business leaders have mastered rising early. Here are some tips from leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook, Disney CEO Bob Iger, former Pepsi CEO Steve Reinemund, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and British Prime Minister David Cameron on how to get ourselves up and running early in the morning.




Tip #1: Make it easy. Set your gym clothes out the night before and leave your sneakers by the door.


Tip #2: Hold yourself accountable. Plan a morning run with a friend you won’t want to let down—even if that’s just taking the dog with you on your jog.


Tip #3: Find your motivation. Stock up on some favorite breakfast items or splurge on some fresh workout clothes. Either way, find something to be excited about before you hit the gym.





Tip #4: Find your Zen. Listen to quiet music while you work or open the curtains to enjoy the early morning sunlight you would otherwise miss.


Tip #5: Indulge in a morning beverage. Take the time to brew a favorite coffee or tea. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you start the day hydrated.


Tip #6: Focus on the positive. By the time you get to the office, you’ll have a jumpstart on everyone else there and be more focused by not having to play catch up with your e-mail.



Focus on "Me Time"


Tip #7: Find what’s lacking. If it’s family time, set aside a morning breakfast ritual with your household. If it’s getting a chance to read more books unrelated to your work, leave a tome by your bedside to start your day meeting that goal.


Tip #8: Be realistic. Set small, simple goals for what you want to accomplish in the morning to better yourself. If it’s taking time to simply reflect ahead of your day, give yourself the space to do so. Don’t attempt to tackle a home renovation at five in the morning—especially if you don’t want your neighbors to hate your new routine.


Tip #9: Start with something pleasant. When you begin a new morning routine, it’s not the time to face your deepest, darkest fears and ambitions. Get started by picking something you enjoy giving time to.


Have you done any of these tips to be a morning person? Or maybe you have tips of your own you'd like to share to the Community. Let us know in the comments below.