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Arnel S. Bansil
Howdy!   It's a brand new year, guys! Which means it's time to do some spring cleaning of apps on your phone―in my case, an iPhone 6. Care to share what's on your homescreen?     The first page of… (Show more)
in Technology
When I dial *143#, instead of Globe Offers pops out, a message saying, SORRY! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS SERVICE. WHY IS THAT GLOBE? HELP ME.
in Technology
Jc Florendo
  2016 hasn’t been very good to us tech nerds and geeks. But fret not, a brand new year means we’ve got a full 12 months ahead of us to dream about the next big disruption in the tech industry. Here… (Show more)
in Technology
Is it just me or anyone else has troubles with accessing account dashboard at   I tried to traceroute both from PLDT and Globe lines, both get stuck at 72.21.222.* which are Amazon… (Show more)
in Technology
This has been ticking me off every time i use my PC. As seen in the above image, PC connects to those IP Addresses and just downloads and hogs my internet. Upon looking up and… (Show more)
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Globe Live
  Smartphone giant Samsung finally unveiled its all-new Galaxy Note 7 at its unpacking event in New York City, and its features are set to the bar yet again in mobile technology and innovation.… (Show more)
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