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Here's what you need to know about Globe Switch.


1. What is Globe Switch?


Globe Switch is an interactive application, brought to you exclusively by Globe Telecom, that offers your favorite mobile applications and Globe promos at the most affordable prices available.


     i. In addition, Globe Switch gives you full control over which applications are exposed to data charges. This helps prevent unwanted consumption of data by apps that you are not currently using, ultimately protecting your wallet from unexpected data charges.


     ii. Through its data tracking capability, Switch allows you to track your data usage on an hourly, daily and monthly basis, keeping you in constant control of your data consumption.


     iii. Globe Switch will also let you discover the hottest apps, and even avail them for FREE, with its constantly updated list of offers.


     iv. You will have exclusive access to the latest discounts on your favorite games and applications through our weekly updated “Hot Deals” tab.


     v. Switch will also give you the option to bundle applications for 1 standard price (Create Your Own bundle), giving you more flexibility in how you consume your data at an affordable price.


2. How do I download the Globe Switch application?


You can download the latest version of Globe Switch directly from the Google Play Store.


3. If I have an iPhone, will I be able to download Globe Switch?


At the moment, Globe Switch is only available on Android OS.


4. Do I have to be a Globe subscriber to download Globe Switch?


The Globe Switch application is available to download for any subscriber. However, to avail of any standard offers, discounts, bundles or Globe promos available on Globe Switch, you must be either a Globe Prepaid or Touch Mobile subscriber.


5. With Globe Switch on, do I still need mobile data or a Wifi connection?


Globe Switch, as an app, is zero-rated, so it will not impact your mobile data or Wifi consumption. The apps that you will use through it, however, will still need mobile data or a Wifi connection.


6. How is DataEye different from Globe Switch?


Although both applications have similar data managing controls, Globe Switch will have a more expansive list of affordable games, applications and, Globe promos available within its application.


7. If I downloaded DataEye already, can I still download Globe Switch?


Of course! You will be able to easily download Switch from the Google Play Store or even within DataEye by simply clicking on the Globe Switch application found in the “Available” tab.


8. What are all of the tabs?


The 3 tabs found at the top of the screen, Offers, Usage, and Control, open to pages that allow you to browse through our available offers, monitor your mobile data usage, and control which of your applications are exposed to data charges, respectively.


9. What about all the tabs listed under the offers page?


The offers page provides you with the full list of games, applications and, Globe promos available for purchase and monitoring.


     i. The Activated tab includes all offers which you have activated or purchased.


     ii. The Hot Deals tab includes all the FREE and Discounted offers available for you to try.


     iii. The Available tab includes all games, applications and, promos that are available for purchase at any time.


     iv. The Recently Expired tab will automatically include the offers that you have purchased and exhausted, either through the time limit or data usage limit.


10. How do I activate an offer?


To activate an offer, please ensure that “Data Saving Mode” is switched on in the Usage tab, and, if availing a Paid offer, please ensure you have ample mobile load to make your selected purchase. Then under the Available tab, please click the offer you would like to activate. When accepting the offer, on the following screen, please select “accept” at the bottom of the screen.


11. What happens if I activate an offer of an application that I do not currently have installed?


If you activate an offer of an application that you do not currently have installed, Globe Switch will lead you to the Google Play Store where you can download the application directly.


12. Is the data usage for downloading an application for free?


The download of a mobile application is not data free. We recommend that you download the application while on Wifi.


13. What happens if I activate an offer that I’ve blocked under the Control tab?


You will immediately receive a notification from Globe Switch asking you whether you want to remove the application from being blocked. If you select “yes,” it will automatically become unblocked for your use.


14. If an offer I availed is moved to the Recently Expired tab, does that mean I can’t use it again?


You can avail of any offer as many times as you want. Just simply find the offer listed in the Available tab and purchase again. The Recently Expired tab is there for you to reference which offers you have exhausted.


15. How do I see my offer’s usage and when it is expiring?


To see an offer’s time and data usage limit, you can find these details below the selected offer under the Activated tab. The details will provide how many day(s) remaining and how much data is available.


16. How can I extend the validity of an offer I availed on Switch?


You can extend the validity of any offer in 2 ways:


     i. You can purchase the same offer that is found in the Available tab while in use.


     ii. Once you exhaust the limit of your selected offer, either through time limit or data usage limit, you can see the offer in the Expired section, where you can see similar offers (to the recently expired one) available for you to purchase.


17. When I first downloaded Switch, I noticed that almost all the offers under the offer tab are listed as FREE, does that mean all the offers in Switch are for Free?


We’ve made all games and applications FREE to avail (for a maximum 3 times) for first-time downloaders of the Globe Switch application. Once you’ve reached the limit of three offers availed, the offer will be updated with its standard price for future use.


18. Will any of these offers become unavailable for purchase at a certain point?


All offers under the available tab will be permanently available for you to purchase. Keep a look out as we will continue to add more offers available for purchase going forward. However, please note that each individual “Hot Deal” in the Hot Deals tab will only be available on a temporary basis.


19. How do I know which offers are free (for a maximum of 3 purchases), and which ones, if any, are permanently free?


The following apps are permanently free inside the Globe Switch app:


     i. Seats

     ii. Happn

     iii. HappyFresh

     iv. KFit

     v. Telegram


The rest of the free offers are free to avail for a maximum 3 times each.


20. How do I know when an application is on discount?


You can go to the “Hot Deals” tab to see our latest free and discounted offers. Be sure to click on the “Hot Deals” that you like, as they will only be available on a temporary basis.


21. What if I exhausted an application on Globe Switch that is still currently available on my GoSurf plan?


Switch will be able to monitor your data usage within its application. If you exhausted an application within Globe Switch, it will notify you only based on your data consumption with Globe Switch. If you wish to use the application from your GoSurf plan, just make sure you unblock it within Switch, and you’ll be able to freely use it outside of the application.