It's a brand new year, guys! Which means it's time to do some spring cleaning of apps on your phone―in my case, an iPhone 6. Care to share what's on your homescreen?




The first page of my homescreen is dedicated to stock Apple apps (aka. apps I don't often use). Why? Because there are a lot of alternatives out there, which we'll get into in a bit. The only utility stock apps I find useful are Calculator, Clock, and Weather, mostly because I'm too lazy to download third-party apps for these.




My most used apps can be found on the second page. As you can see, it's mostly utility/productivity apps with just one social app: Instagram. To start, Between is a messaging app/mini social network designed for couples. Then there's Google's suite of apps―Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Maps, Photos, PhotoScan, and Youtube―because absolutely enjoy Google's services.


Flipboard is where I do most of my reading to catch up on the rest of the world happening around me. I also have GCash and GServices, as I find these really helpful in making online payments and managing my Globe postpaid account. I use LastPass to keep track of my passwords, Momentum to help me maintain good habits I want to cultivate this year, Pocket for offline reading, and Priime as my main photo-editing app (just about everyone uses VSCO ).


I have SHAREit to transfer files between to non-Apple devices, Skitch to annotate my notes and images, Viber, and of course, my favorite app of all time, Waze, and lastly Wunderlist as my to-do app.


In case you're wondering, I don't have Spotify because I use Apple Music.


This is my homescreen to start 2017. What's yours? Share your screenshots below.