2016 hasn’t been very good to us tech nerds and geeks. But fret not, a brand new year means we’ve got a full 12 months ahead of us to dream about the next big disruption in the tech industry. Here are some predictions on what could be hot or not:

  1. Smartwatches
    Smartwatches have been around for some time now, starting with a couple of Android-powered ones. But the hype ultimately faded following the release of the Apple Watch. Simply put, not enough people see smartwatches as a necessity. Will the slump continue this year? Seems like it.

  2. Gaming
    Now this is going to be huge. Gaming seems to have found its groove going back to its roots with upcoming title releases like Crash Bandicoot for the PS4. Another huge release this year is the much-anticipated Last of Us 2. The gaming industry is looking strong and will continue to rise to 2017.

  3. Smartphones
    Aside from the Google Pixel, there were no other groundbreaking smartphone releases last year. Not even the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could save user expectations from going downhill. This year, we have the iPhone 8 to look forward to, rumored to feature an all-new design. We’re also excited about the Galaxy 8, Samsung’s next big smartphone launch following the Note 7 debacle.

  4. Modular devices
    Sad to say, but Google’s Project Ara was pronounced dead in the water last year. The same goes for LG’s current flagship smartphone, which featured a modular design that didn’t sell quite like hot pancakes. We could only wonder what’s in store for modular devices in 2017. A modular car from Tesla or Faraday Future, perhaps?


2017 is going to be an exciting year and another opportunity for us to witness a technological breakthrough on the same level as the original iPhone (which celebrated its 10th birthday this week, by the way).


How about you? What new device are you excited about this year?