Smartphones reached the point that it's rare to find a bad one. (I'm looking at you, HTC U Ultra.) One reason why is the camera.


The phone vendors already exhausted most of the ways they can stand out of the crowd. Samsung and LG just started the "bezel-less" screen trend this year. I am dead sure that more will follow in the months to come. Not everyone has the chops to make those screens though. (Apple is the exception since they have more than enough money to just buy displays.)


Enter the Dual Camera system.


Yeah yeah. I know that this concept isn't new. (HTC tried this before thanks to the lost promise of 3D.) But we've reached a point where technology is capable enough to make dual cameras meaningful again. Here are three examples of phones with dual cameras.


Huawei P10



Huawei sparked the dual camera trend again with the P9. Unlike most phone cameras, Huawei collaborated with Leica for their camera. This year, that collaboration still flows through in the P10.


Huawei really stands out as to how they use those cameras. One would take a color photo while the other takes a black and white photo. Then the data gathered from both photos will be used to make the final photo better!


Another good thing with Huawei’s implementation? NO CAMERA HUMP.






Unlike Huawei, LG uses both cameras differently. One is just a normal 13-megapixel camera while the other is a wide 125-degree 13-megapixel camera. That wide-angle camera is really useful for getting more things in the shot. Sometimes the wide-angle camera shows weird glitches but they mostly give great shots.



Apple iPhone 7 Plus



Since Apple tends to go where the trend is going these days, Apple also has a dual-camera phone in the iPhone 7 Plus. Similar with LG, Apple uses the dual camera for zoom capabilities. Apple also uses both cameras to achieve a “bokeh” effect (focused subject with a blurred background) similar to DSLR cameras. Since then, many other phone makers also did this.


Do you like this new trend of dual cameras? Or do you find having just one is enough for you? Let me know in the comments below!


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