So how does Samsung go about delivering an encore to the already good Samsung Galaxy S7? By breaking even more barriers, of course. And with an immersive endless display, an iris scanner, and a bleeding-edge 10nm processor, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is clearly the most awaited phone this summer.


In case you missed the announcement, we’ve list down exciting features you should know about the latest Samsung phone:


1.It’s all about display, (almost) no bezel

At first glance, the new S8 looks longer and bigger compared to other phones. That’s because instead of the usual 16:9 display, S8 now features a stretched 18.5:9 resolution. Samsung also removed the brand name at the top part of the screen, hid the home button, and kept the bezels razor-thin for a more immersive viewing experience. The best part is that even though the screen was expanded to 5.8-inches, it still has a curved, easy-to-hold design.


2.It’s faster more than ever, even in the rain

Equipped with the world’s first 10nm processor, the S8 boasts of 10% more powerful CPU, 50% more capable GPU, and an overall high-speed performance when you’re streaming videos, sending messages, or doing both. Plus, the S8 is still IP68-rated, which means it’s water and dust resistant so you can take this waterproof mobile phone up to 1.5-meters underwater for 30 minutes!


3.It has upgraded security features like ~the really cool~ Iris Scanner

If you’re not satisfied with securing your phone through passcodes or fingerprints, then you’ll love the iris scanner of S8. Similar to the ones seen in James Bond or Mission Impossible films, this enhanced security feature scans the unique pattern of your irises (which is almost impossible to copy) so only you can unlock your phone or access secure folders.


4.It has a big brother, the S8+

Instead of offering a separate edge variant similar to its predecessor, S7, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a bigger-sized option–the Samsung S8+. The larger S8+ has a 6.2-screen with a stunning 2960x1440 Quad HD+ display. Though not offered as an “edge” Samsung phone, the S8+ along with the S8 phone now sports a curved, dual edge screen.


Feeling excited yet? The S8 release date in the country is set to be in May but you can already pre-order yours as early as April 17! Just visit the Globe Online Shop to get first dibs on the S8 and S8+ or other phones from Samsung Philippines.