You’ve chosen your destination and booked your flight and accommodations. All that’s left is to wait for your departure date and, of course, pack! This is where it gets really tricky. You certainly don’t want to under-pack and leave important things behind, but you shouldn’t over pack either.


Here are a few tips on what to bring and what to leave, as well as other helpful advice as you prepare for your big trip:


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Prepare your travel documents. Print out all vouchers, passes, e-tickets, etc. and place them in a waterproof travel kit along with your passport and other travel documents. Make sure you have all the papers you need (whether you’re traveling international or domestic) before preparing anything else.



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Do your research. Before raiding your wardrobe for what to bring on your trip, research on the weather you should expect from your destination. If you’re going to try activities like hiking or water sports, learn the kinds of clothes and equipment you should bring.



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Check airport security restrictions. It’s going to be your checklist of what not to bring. Read and re-read the list and make sure you’re not violating any of the rules. You don’t want to get held up at the airport and miss your flight! You can view NAIA’s security restrictions here.



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Pack multi-purpose clothes. We’re sure you want to show off different outfits at every stop in your itinerary, but too much luggage will only weigh you down. You can be fashionable even if you bring only a few choice pieces. Pick clothes you can mix and match like cardigans, shorts, and dresses you can style in different ways.



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The Roll Technique. It’s everyone’s go-to packing technique because it works. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them so they take up even less space. You can even put them in airless bags so you can put in more items.


The more things you bring doesn’t mean you’re more prepared. In fact, the less items you travel with, the less you have to worry about. Don’t get too caught up with the outfits you’re going to bring or the gadgets you’re going to use to document your travels. Focus on enjoying the moment and the new place you’re witnessing.


Have a wonderful vacation!