BlackBerry, oh, BlackBerry. How does it feel like using the newest BlackBerry Z10 LTE? Well, I guess I’m blessed to be able to review this unit from Globe – all thanks to being active in the Globe Community.


BlackBerry has recently introduced its new line of smartphones carrying the revamped and overhauled OS, the BalackBerry10. One bearer of this is the Z10, which is available in Black and White colors.


Globe launched BlackBerry Z10 bundled with the super-fast LTE network that boosts up to 42 Mbps without paying extra cost. Under Plan 1799 with 30-month contract period, everyone can get this beast for FREE. And this LTE model, by the way, is not available anywhere else apart from Globe.


BlackBerry Z10 At A Glance



Pictured above is the package I got from Globe, including my Globe Community mug and button pin with the loaner BB Z10 LTE in Black color.




Unboxing the BlackBerry Z10 LTE, I saw a Charger that can deliver power up to 3.75W (5V/750mA) with the standard Micro USB Cable.




The box also contained the BB Z10 LTE Battery with a capacity of 1800mAh, as well as a headset with microphone and answer button.




And of course some user guide booklet and product handling reminders, which are very useful for new BlackBerry and/or BB 10 OS users.





Surprisingly, the full touchscreen form factor of the BB Z10 LTE fits perfectly in my hand. With dimensions of 130mm in height, 65.6mm in width, and only 9mm in thickness, the Z10 is comparable surely sits on my hand comfortably.


The 137.5g weight of the BB Z10 LTE is barely noticeable when placed inside the pocket. At the same time, it is not heavy to hurt your wrist for extensive use of the phone. It comes with 4.2” 16M Color WXGA (768 x 1280 pixels) Capacitive Touchscreen TFT with 356 pixels, which gives a stunning, vibrant display, with its icons seemingly floating on the screen.




BB Z10 LTE comes with an 8MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash on its rear, and a 2MP front-facing camera for video calls. It may not be the best in the current industry in terms of megapixels, but it didn’t disappoint me. It is capable of full HD (1080p) video recording at 30fps.


In terms on connectivity, the smartphone is compatible with Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, allows phone to act as Wi-Fi Hotspot, connects via Bluetooth 4.0, standard microUSB port, and microHDMI.




NFC Wireless connectivity for File Sharing and Tags


It also has a GPS receiver with A-GPS, a 3.5mm audio jack, and the not-so-popular NFC. Users are restricted to 16 GB internal memory, but nothing to worry here since microSD card is supported up to 32GB. You can enjoy games and multitasking without affecting your phones performance due to its 2GB Ram and dual core CPU with 1.5GHz Krait.


Ports, External Functions, and Slots


Opening up the back case of the BB Z10 LTE reveals the micro-SIM and a microSD card slots.




The Power Button of the BlackBerry Z10 LTE can be found at the top section of the phone, just beside the 3.5mm Earphone Jack.




At the right side of the phone are the Volume Controls with its Middle button acting for Voice Command.




At the left side of the phone are the Micro USB Port for Data transfer and Charging and the mini-HDMI port - I'm not sure though who is the target market for this one.


A big leap of change in the current BlackBerry 10 OS is its gestures. There are no keypads for the BB Z10 LTE, so swiping to the left, to the right, and up can be a challenge to new users. In fact, depending on your learning capacity, I bet you will need a week to get used with the BB10 gestures.


BB Z10 LTE vs. Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE Picture Comparison


I took some shots using the Z10 under Auto Settings and night Mode. To have a better understanding how this will perform with other smartphones in the market, I took the same shot and setting using the GALAXY S4.


Round 1: Z10 vs. S4 Night Mode... Fight!




Round 1 Result: DRAW


Both phones handle Night Mode fairly. The picture was obviously noisy which I can understand, but both manufacturers need to increase the ISO to boost the amount of light to minimize blur and add more light.


Round 2: Z10 vs S4 Night Shot with Flash… Fight!




Round 2 Result: Z10


This is pretty obvious. Z10 managed to provide an awesome output with details of the picture still very sharp when captured with Flash in Night Shot mode. On the other hand, the S4 had too much noise and grains. The picture looks flat at all.


Round 3: Z10 vs S4 Macro Shots… Fight!




Round 3 Result: Z10


Although both pictures were stunning, Z10 handles contrast and brightness evenly. It neither has under saturated nor over saturation, but rather it captures the subject as if using the RAW setting in an SLR. The result was sharp, utterly almost perfect color balance compared to S4, which is dull and unlovely.


To sum it up, BlackBerry Z10 LTE wins for my photo experiment. I’ve added some more photos below, so feast your eyes on these beautiful shots.




Who needs a Point and Shoot camera? The BlackBerry Z10 LTE can actually be my digital camera in any situation. And it even has a Photo Editor that you allows me to can enjoy Instagram-like effects by being able to transform pictures through adjustments on brightness, contrast, and sharpness.






One of the things I like about the BB Z10 LTE is its virtual keypad. I’ve tried Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, but only the Z10 keypad unleashed my love to send SMS. Using the Z10, I managed not to edit several times before sending a message due to misspelled words or missing letters. I feel comfortable when typing. What’s more, the phone learns and stores frequently used words, and suggests them next time I type letters.




I simply had to swipe down to toggle between numbers/symbols and letters; swipe down with two fingers to close the virtual keypad; swipe up on a particular letter to complete a word; and, swipe left to delete the one word without having to hold the backspace.


Boot Time


I’ve heard that BlackBerry smartphones take a lot of time in booting up, so I was expecting that BlackBerry has fixed it with the Z10. However, much to my surprise, the BlackBerry Z10 still takes about a minute to boot. At least now we're able to turn it off completely unlike before that it only hibernates.




Overall, I am very happy with my experience of the BlackBerry Z10 LTE. It certainly has heaps and bounds of improvements as compared to the older BlackBerry models and OS’s. I am definitely looking forward to the next BB 10 OS phone, the BlackBerry Q10.


You can now get the BlackBerry Z10 with LTE exclusively from Globe. With the Best-Ever My Super Plan, you'd definitely feel the worth of what you pay for. Check out the Globe Community post regarding the BlackBerry Z10 LTE.