Best Ever My Super Plan – Walkthrough

      Globe recently revamped the 2013 recipient of Most Innovative Telecom Project, My Super Plan to a new way of customizing a Post-paid Plan. The new ‘’Best Ever My Super Plan’’ was recently launch. The Plan is customizable in accordance to the consumers taste, ranging from Plan 299 to 3799 and the introduction of the New Family Plan as well as the Unli-Plan for those heavy users of Calls and Texts.

     I created a walkthrough on how consumers can customize their Best Ever My Super Plan according to their needs, preference, and lifestyle. This walkthrough will focus on Plan 1799 as an example, it’s the same with Plan 299-3799 customization.


Let’s get it on!!! Go lang ng Go!

1. Visit


2. Under Postpaid Tab. Select Plans and Click ‘’Best Ever My Super Plan”. This will direct you to the Best Ever My Super Plan homepage.




3. From the Homepage start Creating your Plan. Click ‘CREATE MY PLAN”




4. And now the Plan Selection Starts. You can start or click any of the three, Plan, Combos, or Gadgets. But I suggest start by clicking ‘’PLAN’’.




      The fun begins here. In choosing your Plan don’t get confused or don’t give yourself a hard time in choosing what will be the best Plan that will suit to your lifestyle, needs, and budget. It all boils down to what you really need, how much is your monthly consumption when you’re on a prepaid? How much is your budget for cell phone load per month? What about your monthly net income or salary? Mind you, postpaid plan is very tempting especially when it comes to gadget selections. You can avail Line only starting at Plan 299 without contract, and then later on decide if Plan upgrade will fit your needs as well getting a handset of your choice. So much for that, as you can see below image, the left side table will show your Plan’s Summary. Now let’s select Plan 1799. Once Plan 1799 is successfully selected your Plan’s Summary is now updated showing the Plan you choose and the equivalent Peso Value. The Plan Meter is also updated showing your remaining PV (Peso Value). Ooopss!!! did I just mention PESO VALUE? Yes Peso Value, so what is PV?


Peso Value: Every Plan has equivalent Peso Value. For example Plan 1799 has 3200 Peso Value. What does peso value means? It means you’re just paying 1799 per month but it’s equivalent consumables is 3200 pesos, isn’t it cool? Peso value is mainly for Text, Call, and Surfing. Take note any call, text, and surf promo registrations you made including share a load will be billed on top of your MRF (Monthly Recurring Fee) in other words, on top of your Plan.
Are we clear on that? Click NEXT




6. Choose Your Next Step
      From here you can submit your plan without choosing combos or gadgets and the best part, NO CONTRACT.


      Don’t jump! Not yet. I want you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Come on! Choose a Gadget or Combo, what’s in it for you? For Fun! Don’t spoil the fun. Ok, Select GADGETS.




      Why GADGETS? If you jump to COMBOS then select a Gadget you will end updating your Combo selection due to some gadgets require Mobile Data Add On. So just follow me here.


      So there you go a total of 26 Gadgets to choose. WOW! There are handsets that are FREE on a specific Plan. You can explore that later. Of course I will be choosing Samsung Galaxy S4. It seems S4 I not free at Plan 1799. What will you do? Select ‘’Gadgets with Cash out” then.




      And now you’re at the Premium gadgets with minimal cash out based on Plan 1799. Click the arrow on the right side of the gadget selection to browse through until you see the precious Samsung Galaxy S4.




      There is your precious S4. Take note of that Wi-Fi Signal Logo. If your chosen device has it, you are required to add an internet combo or booster, well with Globe they want you to maximize the device featured like Mobile Data (3G, H+ and LTE..Etc.)


      With the Best Ever My Super Plan, Globe added the option of contract Duration. Before it was only 24 months to 30 months lock up period, now you can enjoy 6, 8, 12, 24, 30 months contract or lock up period, isn’t it amazing? See the “Choose your Contract Period’’. But take note, the shorter the contract period to higher the cash out for the device. So you have now chosen S4, see the cash-out below the S4 icon? Yes Php4800 cash-out is require if your availing S4 at Plan 1799. Aside from that, 1100 Peso Value per month is deducted on your consumables for the device. So from 3200 consumables less 1100 for the device, your remaining peso value is trimmed to 2100 that is still a lot for sms and call or surfing. You Plan’s summary is also updated now showing 2100 Peso Value. Click NEXT.



      After Clicking NEXT below image will prompt. It’s just a reminder that your chosen gadget requires internet service. Just click SKIP




      This will be the next page. Again just click COMBOS. By the way, combos are optional unless you are required to add Internet Services. You can submit your Plan and skip combo and booster option if you want.




      It’s time to select your COMBOS. Again these are optional unless you are required to avail like SURF and UNLISURF. You can subscribe or unsubscribe, or alter your chosen combos as often as every month and will take effect after your bill cut-off date. All combos has equivalent Peso Value, meaning the equivalent peso value of your chosen Combo will be deducted on your remaining peso value, any amount of combos exceeded on your allocated Peso Value will be charged on top of your monthly bill. Combos can be selected not once but even 3 times, sample you choose COMBO B but you still have more Peso Value remaining or you think COMBO B is not enough since your into calls, you can Choose COMBO B twice and your Peso Value will be deducted with 200 Peso Value per month.



COMBO A: SURF 50MB with equivalent Peso Value of 99. This is 50MB only per month, be responsible in monitoring your data every time you connect to the internet using your mobile. Once the 50MB limit is reached you will received an SMS notifications. Don’t worry of going beyond what you pay for the internet service since the maximum limit you will be paying for data is 999 no matter how much the data you consumed, 8GB a month? No worries you will just pay 999. Globe is very generous.

COMBO B: Very straight forward, its 20minutes call to any GLOBE/TM number for just 100 Peso Value.
COMBO C: All network COMBO, its 5 minutes call and 100 Texts to any Network. You want this combo? 100 Peso value will be deducted.

COMBO D: 125 Texts to All Networks. Pretty the same with COMBO C minus the 5 minutes call.
COMBO E: International IDD for 5 minutes + 5 iSMS (for iOS devices). If you have friends or loved ones abroad, add this to your COMBOS for only 100 Peso Value.

COMBO F: Unlimited Blackberry Surf for 599 Peso Value. This is mainly for Blackberry devices except the Z10. Its unlimited surfing for one month no worries on data charges, enjoy unlimited facebook, twitter, browsing and youtube streaming. Anything under the sun that requires internet services. This is subject to Globe Fair User Policy.

COMBO G: Unlimited Surfing at 999 Peso Value. Well from the name itself, no restriction worries on data charges since this is unlimited. Of course this is subject to Globe Fair User Policy.


      And then we choose Unli Surf at 999 Peso Value. The Plan summary is now updated and the remaining Peso Value or consumable is 1100.


9. Boosters are enticing to avail, lots of choices and customization made by Globe for its subscribers. Select any of these options based on your lifestyle or need.


      For us to complete the process, i will choose UNLI ALL NET Php599.




10. Tadaaannn!!! And now is the PLAN Summary.
After all the fun plan selection, jaw dropping exclusive handsets, combos all the way, and boosters on the Go! Have time to review your selections.


Plan : Check
Gadget: Check
Combos: Check
Boosters: Check

If you’re satisfied with the summary, Submit your PLAN now na! Or print the Plan Summary and bring it to Any Globe Store near you Or Call the HOTLINE for your interest in availing the Plan.