The Samsung GALAXY S4 has been released several months ago, but it still remains to be one of the most popular devices these days. It is indeed one of the biggest Smartphone releases of the year, and certainly one of the most anticipated. Did I say, it is so far the best smartphone of the year?

You might be wondering - what makes the the Samsung GALAXY S4 so popular that more than 10 million S4’s have been sold worldwide since its release?

While it is true that the design is very similar with its predecessor Samsung GALAXY S3, there are so many cool features added and some minor changes to its appearance, making it more enticing in the eyes of the consumers. If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is the first smartphone to use an AMOLED display with a Full HD resolution. The stunning 5 inches Super Amoled Display has slightly exaggerated colors, but it is so dense and so bright that it just so look fantastic.


Samsung Galaxy S4


This insanely popular smartphone clocks in at 130g compared to the 133g its predecessor had. This means it feels light, it's denser and thinner, and surely fits snugly on your palm making it easier to navigate thru the screen using your thumb.

I also noticed that this is so far the best camera I used in an Android phone. Its picture quality and features are pretty impressive. With its Sound and Shot mode, you can take a picture and attach sound to it, you can erase photo bummers with eraser mode, and it also has a Dual shot mode that lets you shoot a picture at a front and back camera at the same time. Some of the other camera features include Panorama, the Drama shot mode which takes a burst of 100 images and merges them into what Samsung is calling a moving collage that should be popular when capturing images of people playing sports or activities like basketball and a lot more!

Air gesture is my personal favorite feature as you can browse web pages, change music and answer your phone by just simply gently waving your hand on the screen. I really find it very useful when your hands are sweaty or dirty yet you still want to answer that phone call.


Samsung GALAXY S4 


Another good reason as to why you should choose the GALAXY S4 is its back cover - it is easily removable, making the battery replaceable if it runs out of juice or if it gets busted. The GALAXY S4 also has an expandable memory for up to 64 GB for storing those photos, important files and videos with you on the go. However, with its cover made in plastic, I found myself constantly wiping my hands off thinking they were sweaty. The plastic gets dirty and picks up fingerprints like crazy, so it’s really advisable to get a case to minimize this discomfort and for additional phone protection as well.


A common problem with new high-end smartphones is poor battery life. Interestingly, I’m pleased to note that even with everything turned on and running, the GALAXY S4 has a pretty solid battery life. I have no trouble getting through a full day, and even partly into the next before the battery died. It is indeed the longest lasting power amongst 5-inch phones I've experience as of yet.


The Samsung GALAXY S4 also includes several features that let users control the device with their eyes. Once turned on, you can scroll up or down with your eyes or with a tilt, keeping the screen on when you are looking at it, and automatically pausing videos when you look away from the screen.

There are other features that I did no longer mention but overall, this phone is amazing - it's fast, it has a great screen and cool software feature, and I actually like a lot of them. If you want a sharper camera, split-screen multitasking, and a ton of fun features to show off to friends and family, the Samsung GALAXY S4 is just right for you. It is indeed your life companion.