To celebrate moving its corporate headquarters to Bonifacio Global City, Globe Telecom transformed a part of Bonifacio High Street, for the weekend of 2 - 4 August 2013, into a carnival-like wonderland! :manvery-happy:




I dropped by on its first day to check out how things were going (awesomely, of course), and also to try and get more subscribers aware of Globe Community so that they could too join the conversation! :manvery-happy: :manvery-happy:



[screenshot from @enjoyGLOBE]


This event was also to launch Globe's Mobile Store on the Go! The concept of the Store on the Go is so that Globe could reach out and become available to people who live in areas that are remote and far from Globe Business Centers. Best thing is, the Store on the Go is literally a Globe Store on-the-go! You can apply for a plan, pay your bills, make inquiries, and more (just like in an actual GBC) with our friendly and helpful Stores Associates ready to assist you.




Aside from the Store on the Go, there were also a lot of booths that hosted fun activities!




MDS had its very colorful Pop an MB dart-throwing game. Each balloon represented an MB-size, and you got a prize corresponding to each balloon you popped! Our very friendly MDS Crew was there to help out players the whole time (and to make sure that no mishaps occured :manembarrassed:)!




Globe Prepaid had its interactive GoUNLISTACK, a very chillax (or nerve-racking, depending on your mood and disposition) game that a lot of our fellow subscribers took advantage of to forget about the stresses of the work-week and kick start their weekends. All the players got to pick a surprise from Globe Prepaid after their games!




There was also the Buzz Wire, a very familiar game to those of us who have gone to science museums or exhibits in the past. You had a wire in the shape of Globe's 'G' and you weren't supposed to let it touch the metal ring you passed through it, otherwise *bzzzzzzt* you lost! But prizes awaited those who successfully did it!


And there were more activities from GCASH, Globe Postpaid, Tattoo, and many chances to join raffles, win fantastic prizes, and bag many, many freebies! :manvery-happy:


Oh, and have I mentioned the food? :mantongue:








Calories consumed while having fun don't count. Or at least that's what I tell myself. :manlol:


I must admit, however, that the personal highlight of my day at the Mobility Store on the Go event was meeting @GIBO and @ChitoReyes offline for the very first time. :manhappy:



[L-R: GIBO, me, and ChitoReyes]


Thanks so much, you guys! It was so great to finally meet you and I learned a lot from both of you in the few hours we spent talking to each other and to the other people who were there.


In the end, this is what Community is: people coming together to share ideas, experiences, insights with others and building relationships along the way. I can't wait to hang out again with you guys in the many events to come! :manvery-happy: