Since I got my very first phone, a Nokia 5110, back in 1999, I have been on Globe Prepaid. I might have changed my number a few (maybe several) times over the years, pero I have always been loyal to Globe Prepaid.

Here are some reasons why.

Convenience: With a Prepaid account, I have total freedom to manage how much I spend for load each month, so I load according to what I need. And with the free notifications I get about my load balance, I know when I’m about to reach zero, so I know when exactly I should reload. I also have many options for reloading to my convenience, with Share-a-Load, AutoloadMax, and buying Prepaid cards at nearly every corner.

Rewards: In addition to convenience, I also get rewards every time I reload. I can now use my rewards points as cash! Naka-nuod ako dati ng movie sa Greenbelt for free using my rewards points. I can also redeem other rewards at Globe’s partner establishments such as Wendy’s, Bench, Petron, Figaro, and more. I can even share my points to my friends so they too can enjoy Globe Rewards!

Promos: On top of all that, Globe offers so many promos to Prepaid users! Starting with just call and text offers, Globe’s promos have branched out to include internet offers. Before, I would only register to regular promos, but now with GoSAKTO, I can create my own promos. I can choose how many minutes of calls, number of texts, and I can even choose how many days ang validity ng promo ko. Depende kung magkano ang budget ko. Ang cool talaga! This shows how Globe Prepaid is up-to-date with what to offer their customers as the times (and needs) change.

Gadgets: Globe Prepaid continuously evolves to satisfy its customers. They have this trade-in program, so nakakuha ako ng smartphone na gusto ko kapalit ng luma kong phone. Sobrang affordable! Ngayon, lagi na akong pwedeng mag-update sa Facebook and Twitter ko using my new smartphone. Kahit prepaid ako, sobrang ganda pa rin ng offers ng Globe para sa akin.

And these are just some of the reasons why I’m a happy Globe Prepaid subscriber. <3

Kayo? Feel free to share bakit masaya rin kayo sa Globe Prepaid! :smileyhappy: