I have been a Globe Postpaid subscriber since 2001. My first plan was the 99 Peso plan when I was still a student and I've upgraded my plan over the years. Although I’ve never tried prepaid, using postpaid definitely has a lot of benefits for us users.
1. I never have to worry about running out of load. This is especially helpful when you have a lot to do and there’s no time to go to a store or find a friend to get load from. Or if its late at night and I have to call. 
2. Paying my bill has been very convenient over the years. Not only are bill payments a once-a-month event, there are many ways to pay my bill. I can go to the store or online; now I can even use my existing MyRewards points!
3. Last but not the least, being on a plan is great in letting you budget your expenses. Your bill (which you can view online or through *143# for free) can show you where you’re spending on and help you manage your usage in the next months. Plus, Globe sends my bill via email so I can see it anywhere I am, I don’t have to wait for it through snail mail! And with the flexible Best Ever My Super Plan, you can easily change your plan and promos every month to suit your needs.
So that’s why I love being on Globe Postpaid!
What do you think are the benefits of being a Globe Postpaid subscriber? Share your thoughts below!