Image from Apple Insider (check out their coverage on the Apple iOS7 keynote here)



The rumor mill has been very active with tips on what the newest iPhone (or iPhones) will look like. But one thing for sure is that Apple’s new operating system will be a big step away from the previous 6 versions.


A few threads have come up in the Community about iOS7 (check here and here). This time around, we’re giving you 7 reasons why you should be excited about it.


  1. It is gorgeous! You may not like the new, colorful, and flat interface at first, but Apple made sure to look at every little detail in designing iOS7. From the transitions between apps to the bouncing speech bubbles in Messages, once you upgrade you’ll never go back.
  2. Control Center. Being able to access settings with one swipe is definitely an improvement. We can’t choose which settings to show in Control Center but it’s definitely a step forward.
  3. Today View and Notification Center. Your iOS can now show you a quick summary of your day (weather, birthday, reminders, and events). It feels like you have your very own assistant!
  4. Siri. Need someone to talk to? Siri now comes with more natural voices! (Oh and he/she is smarter then ever.)
  5. Camera. Instagram lovers rejoice! iOS7’s camera app is faster and now comes with square mode and live filters. You can also zoom in video while you’re recording!
  6. Settings and App Store. iOS gives you more freedom to manage your usage by allowing you to set which apps can access cellular data. Your apps also update in the background so you won’t have to go through waiting for updates to finish.
  7. iTunes Radio: Apple’s take on Pandora and Spotify. You can stream music for free and purchase the ones you like! It’s not yet known if this will be available in the Philippine Store so let’s cross our fingers.

Have you seen or tried out iOS7? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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