Last August 8, 2013, I was privileged to be invited to a thanksgiving and relationship-building dinner at UMU, a Japanese restaurant inside Dusit Thani Manila. This special event was organized by Globe for the SuperFans – the most active contributors of the Globe Community.


L: The nameplates of the Globe Community Team and the SuperFans. Photo by @EldridgeT.
R: Dinner is yet to be served. Photo by @r_eighteen.


At the venue, I was warmly welcomed by the hardworking masterminds behind this 5-month old project, as well as early birds @ChitoReyes and @GIBO. Because I was not able to attend Connect: The First Globe Community Gathering at Skye Lounge last May, I was quite excited to meet the other SuperFans. As the room got filled, we exchanged our Hi’s and Hello’s, went to our seats, and waited for the program to start.


While our sumptuous Japanese dinner was being served, it was time to break the ice. Each person was asked to state his/her username, real name, and an answer to the question “What keeps you busy?” To make it even more fun and challenging, we also had to mention two interesting truths and one lie about ourselves. The person seated to our right had to guess which of the statements was false, and an incorrect guess would translate to a shot of saké! (Well, sort of. Haha.)


Community Manager @GlennO stating two interesting truths about himself and a lie to seatmate @TERQZ. Photo by @Divi.


After the interactive icebreaker, the Globe Community Team together with Chris Lipman, Head of Customer Experience Management, addressed us and mentioned how unexpectedly huge the community has grown since its inception. They were enthusiastic to share that more surprises await the members of the online community and what direction Globe is envisioning for its subscribers.

The SuperFans did not let the night pass without communicating to the Globe Community Team the pressing sentiments of the users. As such, we engaged in an open forum to discuss pertinent issues, whether big or small, and even made suggestions on what Globe could do. We were assured that Globe is on top of its business, and the company is continuously and proactively looking into which areas need improvement. The feedback of each subscriber is significantly valued and brought to the department concerned for action.


@ChitoReyes discussing online payment concerns over dessert. Photo by @Divi.


As we savored our last sip of saké and our final taste of tempura, the Community Managers headed by @GlennO distributed giveaways including personalized pens and Globe Community premium items!


GIBO parkerBagFjordz parker
L and R: Personalized Parker pens! Photos by @GIBO and @fjordz.

M: Even more goodies inside the bag! Photo by @r_eighteen.


This entry would be incomplete without the experiences of the other SuperFans!


  • The dinner was so special because I got the chance to meet in [person] the people behind the success of Globe Community. [We] appreciate the fact that they are so thankful to our active participation to the Community. I also had the chance to ask Chris Lipman about their plans to better improve the Customer Experience. They are open to suggestions they can implement to their current processes. Overall, [it was] nice meeting the entire Customer Experience Team.
  • Awesome experience, food is great, community members are all knowledgeable.
  • We are like a big family, spontaneous, comfortable with each other, and the SuperFans were treated as if [we were] part of the Globe family… Kanpai!!!
  • It was a wonderful meeting. The food [was] great and everyone [seemed] to be happy. [We enjoyed the] chit-chats that [made] the dinner like a party. [We] mentioned all problems we had [found, and we talked] about solutions [for the community]. It was like a conference indeed. :smileyhappy:
  • It was for me a genuine effort of Globe to reach out and show its appreciation to the volunteers who have freely contributed to the community through an intimate gathering to better understand each other and make an honest assessment of the condition and direction of the company.
  • If this sincerity continues then I can see Globe leading the way toward being a model for customer driven business.
  • That night was a blast! [It was] the first time I met the top members of the Globe Community. At first I was worried baka masusungit sila. I was wrong, they are so friendly and accommodating.
  • The venue of the event was so relaxing as well (Japanese resto). Actually I am one those who voted for that cuisine and place. Pasensya na malapit kasi sa amin eh. :smileyhappy:
  • It was so fulfilling to meet HCEscala, Gibo, Chito, Ralf, Stan, GlennL, CM GlennO, CM Dridge, CM Aidz, Fjordz, Jeian, Sir MiggyDLC, Sir Chris, and Ms Divi. Nakakatakot sila. Ang gagaling. :smileyhappy:
  • The night was full of laughter, [and we got to know more about our] fellow GC member, and syempre full din ang tiyan namin. Ang sarap ng food. That Philippine Maki is the best and yung Garlic Chicken. The saké was good too, first time ko uminom nun. Medyo mahaba na ito.
  • To sum it up that night was a great, kaya be active [at] masaya dito. Marami pang next events hopefully we can meet you as well.
  • The meet up with the top members and moderators [was a] great [experience]. The Meet and Greet, exchange of opinions and the delicious dinner [were all memorable].
  • It was fun meeting my fellow community members. I was so surprised to see how passionate the group was in helping subscribers, and even non-subscribers, with their concerns. The event really inspired me to do more for the community.


I believe the SuperFans truly enjoyed the food, the conversations, and the fellowship that night. The Globe Community Team deserves a thumbs up for establishing an online venue where others can explore new ideas, answer queries, and learn new insights. I personally look forward to more get-togethers and celebrations of milestones with the pioneers and new members.


Definitely, the best is yet to come. :robotvery-happy:


Group Photo
The SuperFans together with the Globe Community Team headed by Chris Lipman,

Head of Customer Experience Management. Photo by @Divi.


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