My iPhone 4S has been my best friend since February 2012. I take it with me when going to work, when dining-out with my friends and when I stroll in the mall for relaxation. My phone has been part of me and I can’t live without it.


Someone else’s said, “Without the apps on your iPhone, it is nothing”. I love to ornament my iPhone 4S from social networking, QR scanner and cloud apps. The apps I have in my phone fit my personality and my interest. These are for free and some are paid apps for as low as $.99.


1. Without a doubt, Facebook is installed in all phones. It has revolutionized the way we share our thoughts, memories, communicate with friends and recent news. Everything rolled into one in my fingertips.
2. Twitter is the second app in my list. I follow the most celebrated talk show host Oprah Winfrey; Pop Rock and R&B singer – songwriter P!nk, TED Talks Updates, talk2Globe and among others.
3. FourSquare (4SQ) does the work for me. I search for the most delectable gelato to indulge to, the most refreshing milk tea and the most savory pizza.
4. BPI caters to my banking needs. I have their mobile app installed on my iPhone 4S. This app has a lot to offer. I locate a branch or an ATM, get updates with their credit card promotions and send money to my family in the province in a few seconds.
5. WeatherCube (Appsuperb) is one of my favorite weather apps. It is also called a "gestural weather" app. All I have to do is swipe, pinch and tap. WeatherCube has a customizable theme.
6. I love music but music doesn’t love me. I only sing while in the shower. I have MusiXMatch (musiXmatch srl) to search for the lyrics of my favorite songs. It provides the lyrics and a link to directly download the song from iTunes.
7. I have Box and I was a given 20GB storage. I have Box store all my files online. I have my photos, documents, songs and videos saved to it.
8. WeChat keeps me entertained. This app offer instant messaging, photo sharing, video calling, walkie-talkie and many more.
9. Globe Telecom’s GServices app provides real time usage. It provides my outstanding balance and unbilled charges with ease. It also has a list of the Frequently Asked Questions about Globe Telecom’s plans and services.
10. You are my one in a minion. I am hooked to the Despicable Me movies. Minion Rush is so addictive and I’d kick someone who disturbs me while playing the game.

These ten apps I have help me manage my finances to the last centavo, communicate with friends across the world, pay my bills, donate a certain amount for a charity cause and check the weather condition for a weekend get together.