What type of a Globe Subscriber are you? 552iFD2493D78CB17D1B.png



We all uses Globe network for our daily

lives and it became a part of our lifestyle.

Every subscriber has his/her own personality and we

can classify that. So ask yourself what type of a subscriber I am?

Let this blog help you.



The Surfer – It is the subscriber who always uses their phones connecting to internet. Surfing here, surfing there, surfing everywhere. They can't withstand the urge to post in Facebook or tweeting in Twitter. Every mealtime they will be taking pictures of their meal and upload it on Instagram. We can also call themInternet lurkers”.


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The Text addict – They have the fastest fingers among our list of type of subscribers. They can send 300 – 500 texts per day. They are affiliated with text clans. They normally send text messages like LOVE Quotes, Verses from Bible, Text Jokes and most likely greet you every morning and remind you to don't skip your meal time.


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The Thrifty – This is the subscriber who only spends on what he/she need. They are the people who work hard for their money and knows the value of it. Who only send text messages or make calls for important reasons. They use data connection mostly when checking the location where they are heading and didn't know the location. Who always check for their billing and disputes whenever the charges is wrong.


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The Collector – These people are the chosen ones. Why do I say “ The chosen ones” because they can afford to get the newest gadgets available in town. They always look for the latest news for the latest handsets and how to avail them. They are not satisfied only with two gadgets, They want MORE. They most likely owned all of the phone brands. Most probably they can open a Mobile phone store with all of their gadgets. You can be considered as a collector if you own more than 2 devices. :smileyhappy:


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The Entrepreneur – Subscribers which are affiliated with company and businesses. Most likely they have mobile phone which are used for business or work purposes. The availability of communication is very important to them. They can afford to lose network service because every second counts to them. Lost of signal means an opportunity lost as well. These are the people who know the importance of connections.


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The Roamer I will call them the lucky ones. Why? They have the opportunity and financial capacity to roam all over the world. Like the collector I do envy them. These are the people who is always on travel abroad most likely they've went on most of part of the world already. You can consider yourself as a roamer if you have been outside of your country for at least 3 times. Von voyage!


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The Family Guy - This is not the cartoon series where the Griffins are the main characters. This is the characteristic of a family oriented persons. Who always think for the sake of his/her family. They prioritize their family members. They can do/give everything for their family.


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Globe offer a lot of services that fits our lifestyle and character. They are also continuing to provide us what we need and to broaden their services. The question is what type of a subscriber are you?