Good day EVERYONE!


I know that most of the members here are Postpaid User, But this blog contains about a promo that could only be registered by a GLOBE Prepaid Ssers.



If Postpaid subscriber have the so called MY BEST EVER SUPER PLAN which they are alowed to choose any combos they want as long as it is within their PV.For prepaid what we have is GoSakto.



GoSakto allow you to choose services for Calls, Text and Surf depending on what you want, need and budget.


For Call and Text, you can select the type of Calls and Text you want and the number of minute.

For Internet, you can select also how many MB of mobile internet you need.


You can also choose validity period:

  • • Day
  • • Week
  • • Month


                                               Means of Registation:


                                Via web



o Mobile Phone

• Dial *143#
• Log-on to


o Computer

• Log-on to
• Log-on to


                                         CREATE YOU PROMO NOW:

     go sakto


Lets Now try to Create our own promo.

This is via *143#



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So I am now registered to GoSakto with UNLI CALLS to GLOBE/TM + UNLI TXTS to GLOBE/TM + 20MB SURFING FOR 1 DAY for only 29 pesos.


You can also name that promo up to 8 characters so that it wll be easier for you to register it next time you will just choose the MY FAVORITE PROMO.


You can also do the other way around. For BUDGETPROMO, you will input first the amount you want, then the system will prompt you the services for how many minutes of call,how many minutes of text you can send and allocated MB for surfing that fits your budget and the minimum amount is 7php.




I've been a prepaid subscriber for almost 8 years and I'm always updated with all the promos specially for calls and Text because I'm a text addict. (n_n)


I find this promo really helpful and much cheaper. Imagine if you will subscribe to a separate promo for calls,text and internet you will subscribe to SUPERUNLI25 (unli calls and text globe to globe/ TM)+POWERSURF15(allocated 20MB usage) = 40php. Compare with 29 pesos if you will choose will create your promo with GoSakto.



Now create your GoSakto Promo combination. And share us your Combination and what you have named it.