19 and Feeling Young! (Part 2 of 2)

By Chito Reyes



(...Continuation from http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/Globe-Community-Blog/19-and-Feeling-Young-Part-1-of-2/ba-p/34172)


The entry of competition led to price wars and mergers in order to survive and prosper… one telco buying another. Calls were becoming cheaper and services being bundled. Devices were becoming to be more complicated and text messages shorter though less understandable for those who preferred to be normal. A new language was developing and with it the world of data was being introduced.


WAP. What’s that? WAP… Wireless Application Protocol… data, information, news. Conversations were not limited to just 2 but the rest of the world was now involved. Our local presence becoming global and its importance cannot be ignored. We found the Php 2,000/month Globe Visibility subscription for unlimited internet a good value then as it was the only telco offering that kind of service… Globe, leading the way over the much bigger telco and how so like a David fearlessly challenging the Goliath.


The ability to innovate has kept Globe the leading telco to those who knew the numbers. Subscribers were being given options and the flexibility to carve their usage profile in order to give better value than their past subscription plans.


In August, 2010 Globe feted its 1,724 pioneer subscribers to an evening of food and wine,  dancing and fun (and white Blackberry Bold 9700 phones) to celebrate its 16th year in the mobile industry. It makes me wonder just how many of those are still part of the over 2,000,000 postpaid subscribers the company has right now.


I ask because while I admit having past and present issues, I have seen the company grow through the good, bad and challenging times. It has gone through a lot of transformations and changes which sometimes are hard for us subscribers to accept in the beginning. However, the passion of Globe to accept that challenge and to take calculated risks in order to have a better experience for the customers has made me realize that the company has more to offer and its people having the enthusiasm to implement the policies made me think that the challenge actually goes back to me as a subscriber. Shall I stay or shall I go away?


Change is painful but it is also change that makes things better. The ability to adapt to change is what makes US younger every moment that it takes… US is you, me and Globe.


While 19 years might have been long for others, it seemed like only yesterday when I entered that door in Valero Tower. Yes, I still remember the excitement that I had 19 years ago and that fire is still burning inside me till this very day.


I am looking forward to next year… Our 20 years… Perhaps by that time, more of us will feel young as we will help each other THINK of ways on how to make things better by sharing our thoughts, experiences and suggestions using this community/blog as a platform. There are so many things that could be done simply because we feel so young and most of these are doable. Isn’t there a saying that “the challenge of a thought is to make it a reality”?


The question is, do you still feel young and take the challenge with us?