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Come and let's see what is inside :smileyhappy:






The first thing you'll see upon entering is the Concierge. For any concerns or assistance, we have personnel ready to welcome and assist you! :smileyhappy:







Below the Ground Floor is The Forum. It has several meeting rooms and comfortable couches where employees and visitors can meet and have a quick chat.





Hungry? Drop by Taste on the 8th Floor. We offer variety of food and drink selection from Filipino, Japanese, Chinese to American cuisines.








Need some fresh air? Just step outside Taste and enjoy the Balcony. A great place for employees to eat, bond and chat!







Every floor has a themed pantry. Visit each floor and check out the other themes. The 18the floor has an African theme.


There is so much to see in The Globe Tower! Drop by and take a tour sometime.


Again, Welcome to TGT!