BER Months seem to be the perfect time for upcoming devices to hit the market. There are hundreds of devices/gadgets coming in the market each and every month from different manufacturers around the world and I made a short list of upcoming devices this 2013. So, here it is, let the countdown begin:




They are not just ordinary lenses that we put in our camera to take good pictures, but they work as a camera. Yes, a camera that can be paired with an iOS or Android smartphone via WI-FI and NFC enabled device, once paired you can now control the camera using Sony's PlayMemories Mobile app but take note that this amazing camera can take pictures and videos  even without those smartphones. It has its own battery and a microSD card slot. QX10 has 18.2 megapixels and QX100 with 20.2 megapixels. It sounds pretty cool :smileyhappy:




Good News to all Gamers, Xbox One is about to release. It was rumoured as the “XBOX 720” before, and it is the long awaited follow-up to the Xbox360. Xbox One has Blu-ray support and it has 8 GB Ram (5GB is for gaming) with 2 Quad-Core Jaguar modules that makes gaming experience more powerful and realistic. When it comes to storage it has 500 GB (HDD).  Xbox One has Voice Control which allows users to control Xbox functions via voice command. The controller of Xbox One is similar to Xbox 360. Other features are still rumours.




Galaxy Gear is not like a G-Shock or a typical wristwatch that we all know, it is a Smartwatch that has cute features which can attract consumers. The device can make phone calls, access the internet via Wi-Fi and handle emails.


This device can take pictures/videos using its camera with 1.9 megapixel located in the watch band, pictures/videos can be shared using the Bluetooth and NFC of the device or over the internet using Wi-Fi. The device can be paired with Samsung Galaxy smartphones that has Android 4.3 OS. All I can say with this device is “Big things really come in small packages”




Top in the list is the Google Glass. This is not an ordinary eyewear that we use to protect our eyes from bright sunlight, Google Glass can know the weather condition, and it can get information from internet using the voice command through microphone. Using this device you can send messages and even view maps over the glass. It can also take pictures/videos using its 5 megapixel camera. The device has WI-FI, Bluetooth, and storage of 16 GB with 1GB of RAM.


Google Glass can be controlled using the Touchpad located on the side of device. Other cool feature of this device is it has Games so that the user can have relaxation and enjoyment at the same time.

Overall, this device is Awesome!


Which one is your favourite on the list? Or do you have other favourite device? Please share your thoughts in the Community :smileyhappy: