Hello Community!





Why are we driving for 10,000 members by 09.17? To give you a better context, we have to go few months back. Globe Telecom Inc. introduced a first in the Philippines, Globe Community. The Globe Community is a catalyst for member to member interactions. Also, it is an avenue where subject matter experts, employees, can help the members with their inquiries, directly. In a nutshell, this is where our members get the chance to EXPLORE the community posts or search for members, ANSWER questions from other members, and LEARN from the best solutions.

To strengthen this initiative we aimed for an unbelievable feat, that is to reach 10,000 members by September 17, 2013 (09.17).  To have this vast membership base in a span of 6 months has never been achieved in Asia. If we deliver on our goal, we would be the fastest growing telecommunication online community in Asia.

So, while you are exploring, answering, and learning in the Globe Community, SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD about our goal of achieving this amazing feat. The community’s success is a success for all of its members.


Share this link and tell your friends to register in community.globe.com.ph. Let's make our community BIGGER! :smileyhappy: