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Hello Globe and non-Globe Pals!


I’m an expert now! Hooray! But to be honest, I’m just an expert-expertan or feeling expert. Lol. And Globe Community already won an award for its milestone. Congratulations!


But have you ever wondered how I and this community started? Okay, so let me tell you a story... I heard about this community on twitter and then out of curiousity, I registered. In the beginning, its active members were only professional bloggers (I think Globe invited them to try it out and blog about it), and those who were only posting inquiries and rants about Globe’s products and services. Before, our community manager @GlennO and only few invited bloggers were the ones who actively answers inquiries of Globe subscribers.


And then I thought, why don’t I help my fellow members about their Globe problems? So I started to answer them with the help of my friend Google and Stock Knowledge. Lol. After a week, more and more members became active in helping the community; then all of a sudden, everyone wants to be included in the thumbs-up club or solutions honor roll. I had this little chit-chat with my fellow member @Jeian, he told me that I inspired him to answer inquiries. Ha! So I become an instant inspiration, mind you guys!


In what I have observed and experienced, Globe's CSR is a great channel that helps subscribers, but to further reinforce the campaign of superior customer service, Globe Community helps out and empathize with its fellow subscribers until the issue is resolved. Community members showcases camaraderie by being a helping hand to other members who have inquires or concerns.

And In return of what the members do in the community, Globe conduct a series of events for the community like LOOK BACK: Connect - First Globe Community Gathering and Community Conversations and Celebrations over [Japanese] Cuisine. I hope Globe will continue this kind of appreciation for our fellow wonderful members.


We have come a long way, but I do believe that we can still reach more amazing acheivements. Together as one Community, I know we can resolve each and every concern that our members are raising.


I am encouraging everyone, that if ever you have some spare time, use it to help those who are in need. :smileyhappy: