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Spam is defined as the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. It could be in any form, so we better watch out to not fall victim to this strategy that is very deceiving. 


Text scam/fraud, on the other hand, is an intentional deception made for a personal gain like load solicitation messages or bogus raffle notification.



Why are they happening?

  • - People might think that Globe sells the mobile numbers of its subscribers, but, truth be told, we are not doing that. Spam or scam/fraud messages are sent out by people who use SMS blasting systems wherein they can automatically blast to a series of numbers in a very short span of time. In the example of 09176470000 up to 09176479999, all the numbers within the range will be blasted with their message.


What are the types of spam or scam/fraud messages?



  • Globe Reward Advisory: You as a Loyal Postpaid subscriber are rewarded FREE 500 minutes of calls All-Net monthly. To claim: txt 500 and send to 29262338370

Intent of scam/fraud:

  • By adding the number "2" before the 10-digit cell phone number of the recipient, the unsuspecting subscriber would have done a Share-A-Load transaction, thus the sum of 500 pesos would be transferred or credited to the sending prepaid number.



Financial Loan

  • Want cash? Apply for a Standard Chartered Bank personal cash loan for as low as 1.38% per month. Just call (02)5201928 or (02)5201929 and look for Stephanie Uy for more details


Election related support solicitation

  • Suportahan natin AASENSO Partylist #104 sa balota. Para sa ikagiginhawa ng mga mangagawa sa mga bukid at pabrika.



Please be reminded to not fall prey to the fake and dubious scam/fraud messages that are circulating. The text scam/fraud attracts its victims by offering them free load, bill rebates, or discounts. This is really a trap that, if you are not knowledgeable about the fake text scam/frauds, you will surely bite to.


Everyone is requested to validate unusual texts and calls especially if they do not come from official four-digit Globe numbers. If dubious texts came from people who are pretending to be Globe, please DO NOT RESPOND to their text as they are just soliciting money or personal information.


You can report these spam messages to any our channels:


Rest assured that Globe respects your privacy and we make it a point that all your private details stay between you and the company. As such, we DO NOT sell your numbers to any institution. We are doing our best to counter these spammers and, with your help, we can surely stop spam and scam/fraud messages.